Beltway Traffic Jam

The Monday linkfest:

  • Jeff Quinton has compiled a list of upcoming superhero and action movies.
  • McQ reminds us of the Mike Boorda fiasco and wonders where the journalists are now.
  • Dean Esmay is apparently trying to raise his Google traffic.
  • Dodd Harris calls into question an obviously unnecessary Kerry-Edwards proposal.
  • Michele Catalano has announced a new Command Post wiki.

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  1. INDC Journal says:

    Cartoon Fun: The Kool-Aid Man
    Like Kryptonite To Common Sense.* * Assuming that “common-sense,” or any other random abstract state of intellect is naturally analogous to a caped super-hero that would be affected by Kryptonite. Because otherwise, that cute catchphrase wouldn’t r…

  2. mypetjawa says:

    Kerry’s Main Swiftboat Defender Served With Him Less Than a Week!
    Captain Ed has been following this one pretty closely and pretty much demolishes Kerry’s rejoinders to the Swifties. NZ Bear thinks the Swiftie campaign would be the undoing of the Kerry candidacy–this was BEFORE NZ Bear knew about this. Novak…

  3. Do You Mean “Plague” as in…Plague?!?
    Q: What do you do when you’re a petty, mentally unstable third-world dictator and your nutball policies have resulted in, among other sorrows, a plague outbreak?

  4. I crush dissent in Ashcroft’s Amerikka
    I did something quite uncharacteristic today: I went out of my way to be rude to some people. A small group (I’d say 6–8 people, mostly college-age kids) of protestors or leafleters or something had set up shop in front…

  5. PoliBlog(TM) says:

    The 8/9 Toast-O-Meter
    –Rounding-up, analyzing and handicapping the 2004 election– Texas Toast or French Toast?Tracking the race to the White House.. This week’s Toast-O-Meter reading On balance, the week was good for Bush, at least on the terrorism front (except for the …