Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest:

  • Eugene Volokh investigates “whatever happened to” various figures in major Supreme Court decisions.
  • Steven Taylor and Michele Catalano explain why the 100 Most Harmful Books weren’t.
  • John Hawkins has launched the Conservative Grapevine.
  • Ogged argues that fear of black athletes explains the rise in soccer’s popularity among suburban whites.
  • Dean Esmay considers the relationship between black- and country music.
  • Jen‘s getting married just in time for the income tax exemption.

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  1. The Best Deal I Ever Got, Part 3

    The only thing better than hearing about someone?s great bargain is being able to get that same deal yourself.

  2. ANOTHER Star Wars???

    The rumor mills are hard at work on the Net, and the latest appears to be that Lucas isn’t quite done with the Star Wars saga.

  3. Point Five says:

    Putin Hospitalized for “Laughing His Ass Off”

    Moscow police combed the Kremlin today in a continuing search for Russian Premier Vladimir Putin’s missing ass. After hearing of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev’s claim to the recent power outage in Moscow, Putin literally laughed his ass off.

  4. […] te the ol’ national debate, Harry. Update: This post sent to play in traffic at the Beltway Traffic Jam. No Responses » No commen […]

  5. Harry Shearer on The Bob Edwards Show…

    This morning on The Bob Edwrds Show Harry Shearer is the guest, and he discusses his time on The Jack Benny Program.

  6. Jackson-Chirac Mid-’80’s Buddy Photo Caption Contest

  7. Hurricane Season

    Today June 1st marks the return of hurricane season. I don’t think any one in Florida is complacent about this time of the year after the pummeling we took in 2004.

  8. Clarification On Public Expression of Religion Act

    This bill is specifically designed towards “establishment clause” cases, and would not apply to “free exercize clause” cases. In other words, it would help curb groups like the ACLU from violating people’s right to express their religion in the pu…

  9. Shallow Throat

    For me, the most interesting thing about Mark Felt’s revelation that he was Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein’s secret anonymous source for much of their Watergate reporting, is the reaction to it from some quarters. Can anyone even remember…

  10. Most Harmful Books of the last 200 years

    DISCLAIMER: I have read only Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, Darwin’s Origin of the Species and Nader’s Unsafe At Any Speed. Having fessed up, I am not altogether unfamiliar with many of the others. I would hazard a guess that most if not all of the …

  11. JACK ARMY says:

    Pentagon delays release of May recruiting data

    Hard to say what this means. A departure from the norm usually signals something “less than desirable” to put it mildly. Without knowing what the numbers actually are, it is impossible to speculate what happened. I am outside the loop, as it were, so…

  12. BlogBurst 6/2/05: What I Dislike Most About The ACLU

    I dislike everything about this Communist front organization. From its founding in 1920 by 2 professed members of the Communist Party to their recent support for NAMBLA. To me, this organization has done more damage to this nation than any opposing arm…

  13. John Doe, Son of a Gun

    In the 17th century women were frequent visitors to warships to comfort the crew. And these relationships produced children, some legitimate, some not. The fathers were sometimes known, sometimes not. Babies on board were birthed out between the cannon…