Beltway Traffic Jam

Just for old time’s sake, today’s linkfest will contain an actual festival of links.

  • Dean Esmay takes on whitey.
  • Michael Demmons reports on the gay Supreme Court site.
  • Joanne Jacobs passes on word of school naming rights sales.
  • Ed Morrissey notes that the Plame scandal is now explaining what Wilson was doing in Niger.
  • BlackFive’s Matt notes that al Qaeda wants to kill you.
  • Stuart Buck wonders why Brits lose their accents when singing whereas American Southerners do not.
  • Jack Army is in the Army but his view are not necessarily those of the Army.

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  1. When the West Handles Terror like Israel

    That will be the day that the Global War on Terrorism is won. Why? Think about it. When Israel gets attacked they almost immediately know who did it and the Israelis also know who to kill and when to kill…

  2. Armed Victim says:

    Secretary of States Cuts Hawaii Loose, Installs Is

    In response to China’s recent purchase of Taiwan and Cuba, States Department spokesman Richard Bowcher announced today that Secretary of States Condi Rice had revoked Hawaii’s statehood and imposed statehood upon Israel.

  3. Point Five says:

    Laptops Revolutionize High School Classrooms

    An Arizona high school has announced its intent to begin a move to an all electronic curriculum. Students will not have ordinary textbooks but will instead be given wireless laptop computers.

  4. Breakfast with the President

    One of the reasons I get up so early here at bRight & Early is to fire up the Short-range Covert Oratory Truth Usurpation System, or SCOTUS. Made of parts from a 60’s era Motorola transistor radio, my Grandmother’s Dumont television, …

  5. American Communist Lawyer’s Union

    The ACLU was founded on January 19, 1920. It grew out of a previous group, The National Civil Liberties Bureau which had grown out of the American Union Against Militarism, and a party that was held in New York City and attended by just about every r…

  6. Cao's Blog says:

    Durbin threatens Move America Forward, trying to silence critics

    Tsk tsk, another whiney leftist twirp. All these people have is threats, against people who disagree with them, trying (in desperation to shut people up) as become evident the other day with the Corruption Engineer. But I digress.

    In keeping with …

  7. Who Cares What the Washington Post Says?

    Today’s Washington Post has an editorial that encourages President Bush to pick “the right nominee” to replace Justice O’Connor. Gee, I wonder what the “right nominee” looks like to the Post. Well let’s take a look:

    In the past, presidents …

  8. NARAL–Satan’s Slaves

    The Satanic National Abortion Rights Action League (SNARAL) is now picketing crisis pregnancy centers to try to intimidate pregnant Christians into committing murder. No, I’m not kidding, and neither is the Dawn Patrol where my wife found this …

  9. ICallMasICM says:

    And Australians singing C&W sound just like Southerners – how does that work?

  10. Yawn

    The NHL and their players have reached an agreement after a costly strike that wiped out the 2004-2005 season.

    A lost season, no television contract for next year, and disgruntled fans. This is a loser for all parties concerned. Pro hockey may have …