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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. No Hablan Espanol Aqui

    From the Chicago Sun-Times:
    Some Chicago businesses post “Se Habla Espanol” signs to boast about their Spanish-speaking employees.
    But two hair stylists said in a federal lawsuit Thursday that their former bosses at Supercuts posted a di…

  2. Big Government Republicans

    I’ve written several times lately (here, here, and here) about the distressing way in which the GOP has turned into just another tax-and-spend party based on its performance controlling Congress over the last 10 years.

  3. Thanks NY GOP!

    The NY GOP has done Hillary a great favor.

  4. How You Can Help Put The Fear Of God In The ACLU

    The website exists for one purpose, Kareiva says, “to mobilize millions of God-fearing, patriotic Americans to stand up to the ACLU agenda and consigning it to the ash heap of history (or export it to Communist regions).”

  5. Newspaper of corrections

    The NYTimes just cannot get their facts straight on Supreme Court Nominee Judge John Roberts. Take a look at these corrections (via Regret The Error) – all made on one day (8-11-05):

  6. Add Value to Your Home with a Game Room

    A article talks about how you can increase the value of your home by adding a game room to it. Why is what was once a luxury now more in demand? It all boils down to time: People’s time

  7. Teachers Union vs. Wal-Mart

    What is really behind the teacher’s unions campaign against Wal-Mart

  8. NIF says:

    Sorcerer of The Wonkavator

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … Thank.God.Its.Friday, seriously!

  9. Point Five says:

    Cindy Sheehan Eats Local Sandwich; Demands Refund

    …But dark clouds were on the horizon. After the sandwich was gone, witnesses say that Sheehan became agitated, and began claiming that she had not enjoyed the sandwich after all…

  10. Blogosphere Survey Results

    A short time ago, blogger Jack Lewis created a survey on blogging entitled Why Blog? His stated purpose with this poll is to analyze the difference between those who have well read or growing blogs and those who don’t, but

  11. Don Surber says:

    The Hillbilly Carnival

    The Hillbilly Carnival

  12. Stop me if you’ve heard this before

    VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Iran bristled at a warning from the U.N. nuclear watchdog to suspend activities that could lead to an atomic weapon, but the agency’s restrained response made clear that the West wants to give diplomacy more time to ease the st…


    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has just declined to make any changes in current policies regarding the ordination of non-celibate gays and lesbians. The measure, which required a 2/3rds majority to be approved, failed by a 49%-51% margin.

  14. MSM Misses Point Again

    Not only is this a perfect example of the main stream media missing the point, but it also serves as a classic example of how foreigners totally misunderstand the American psyche. Take as an example the title of the article….

  15. The real test for Cindy Sheehan

    Cindy Sheehan, like a few thousand parents, has been hit hard by the war in Iraq. She lost her son in one of the nastiest places in Baghdad and her grief is understandable. The question remains, though, how honest is her reaction to this war? She is a…


    It’s a fascinating day here in blogland. We have dueling blogswarms between the left and right, each trying to push a story into prominence in the mainstream media.

    On the left, there’s the Cindy Sheehan story and what’s rapidly be…

  17. What’s Happening to the Real People Involved in the Kelo Eminent Domain Case

    A blogswarm of energy and some instances of state legislative response have taken place in the wake of The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Kelo v. New London, Connecticut case, which in essence ruled that the government can take your property if s…

  18. Kerfuffles says:

    No Little Indian Boys

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has gone on the warpath, banning the use of Native American team names and mascots in all NCAA-sponsored postseason tournaments. They claim that Native Americans feel it to be shameful and embarrass…

  19. A Gold Star Mother

    Gold Star Mothers got their name from a practice that began during World War I of families hanging flags emblazoned with a dark blue star for each living member in the service and a gold one for each who had died. Mothers whose children are listed as …

  20. Best Spam Comment Ever!

    I found this perusing through the comments at 4 rows back in the bleacher seats I nearly choked. I mean. I actually followed the link, because at first I thought it was a spoof of the other spam comments on Mark’s blog there. (I have done that before,…

  21. Guest Blogging

    While I cannot compare to Shamu, I can : a) direct you to trackback parties :     OTB, TMG, Basil b) scare you :     (H51N) spreading throughout Asia … in birds, mostly c) give you hope :     Curable?…

  22. Horrifying TV.

  23. T. Longren says:

    America’s Lethargy

    Maybe I’ve been brainwashed. I wouldn’t know. I know what I believe needs to be done in the war on terror. America needs to stop being sympathetic with the enemy. I’m not criticizing how the war is going, more can be done, abroad…

  24. Jo's Cafe says:

    Disturbed People

    Michelle Malkin does not have comments open on her blog. After reading some of the email she gets, I don’t blame her. The moonbats would flood her site with nasty, vile comments until the server crashed – then dance around with their tinfoil hats spinn…

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  26. Urban-Outdoorsmen Unite!

    Atlanta plans to ban panhandling in the downtown area and other tourist’s attraction. The Begging Urban-outdoorsmen Movement (BUM) has said…