Currently, there flashing Traffic Alerts for 495/I-95/Outer Loop in VA (between US 50 and the Wilson Bridge), I-66 E (between Centreville and the Beltway)
I-66 W (between the Roosevelt Bridge and the Beltway), and I-395/Shirley Hwy. N (between Springfield and the 14th St. Bridge). Which is to say, THE WHOLE DAMNED ROAD NETWORK. WaPo promises that “In just a few days, Traffic gets better.” Sadly, it’s only the Traffic section that gets better. And since I seldom have Internet access while driving. . . .

At any rate, the daily linkfest:

  • Tiger has been doing it so much his hand hurts.
  • Venomous Kate is collecting Snark Hunt submissions. Deadline is midnight Hawaii time which is, I believe, 7:30 in dog years.
  • Laurence Simon reports on racist cop tactics.
  • Terry Oglesby on a mad cow disease discovery at Auburn University. (Lewis Grizzard once said they’d invented a new use for sheep at Clemson: Wool.)
  • Frank J links to a funny Howard Dean photo. Go visit Frank to inauguarate the Year of the Monkey.
  • Robbie thinks Ron Reagan, Jr. is not much like Dad. I was pretty sure of that when he was on SNL dancing in his underdrawers while on hiatus from ballet dancing.

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  1. Frank J. says:

    That’s not funny.

  2. jen says:

    Ya know, traffic tonight was great. Door-to-door, I made it home in 50 minutes. It’s normally 60-80 minutes.