Beltway Traffic Jam

My trip inside the Beltway was postponed until tomorrow. It’s not exactly a traffic jam at lunchtime, anyway.

Today’s linkfest:

  • Kevin Aylward brings us up to date on the state of porn at Harvard.
  • Phil Libin laments the decline of the word “hacker” into meaninglessness.
  • Kevin also has an amusing 3rd grade geography quiz.
  • Matt Stinson says China is an anarcho-capitalist’s dream come true.
  • Haggai thinks WMD are a MacGuffin. Or vice versa?
  • Stephen Green advocates partial cartoon nudity.
  • Frank J’s novel sucks but he’s had almost a million people visit his blog. Too bad and congrats!

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  1. Dodd says:

    At first I wondered what the first entry was supposed to be. Then I realized it was this.