Beltway Traffic Jam

The last of the OTB traffic jams written outside the Beltway for awhile. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be commuting to Bailey’s Crossroads and the Defense Information Services Agency (DISA). I’m still employed by the same contractor but on a new contract and will start drawing something approaching a living wage again. All stemming, incidentally, from my post a month ago that I was job hunting.

On with the linkage:

  • Steven Taylor provides a terrorism timeline. It starts before January 2001.
  • Megan McArdle is going to be on teevee Friday morning.
  • Smash reports that the French defused a bomb rather than surrendering to it.
  • Jay and Deb, merged in real life, have now done the same to their blogs.
  • Jen is too lazy to make coffee. Personally, I’m lazy unless I make coffee.
  • Mark Hasty has a recipe for jambalaya, Wisconsin style.

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