Beltway Traffic Jam

Well, after lots of aggravation, the Dell guy came out and replaced virtually the entire inside of my computer in about 15 minutes. The whole thing–motherboard, processor, ethernet card, etc. is just one big piece.

The mid-week linkfest:

  • Kevin Aylward lists seven House Democrats he’d like to see defeated.
  • Steve Bainbridge reports than many towns are banning SUVs.
  • Michele Catalano notes that campaigning causes an increase in crime.
  • McQ observes the armies don’t “hike,” they “march.”

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UPDATE: My Internet connection went down during mid-composition of this post.

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  1. Kevin says:

    FYI, For some reason I’m not getting your trackbacks.

  2. Zygote says:

    The whole thing–motherboard, processor, ethernet card, etc. is just one big piece.

    Which is why Dell sucks. I finally just ended up using my wife’s Dell as a doorstop…surprisingly, it hasn’t screwed that up yet.

    I like my PC to have actual components that can be replaced and repaired, from a list of different vendors, as needed.

  3. James Joyner says:

    Kevin: I have to enter them manually and sometimes forget. Plus, they often don’t go through. The good news is that I never double ping and that the TrackBacks stay in the editing que indefinitely and go through eventually.

    Zygote: I’d prefer the traditional method,too. The good news is that this was covered under the warranty, so it didn’t cost me anything other than time.

  4. joy says:


    Most of the newer cheaper mobos are integrated together because it’s cheaper to put a chip on a mobo for sound or ethernet rather than making a seperate card.

    If you had gotten a Dell “workstation”, you would have gotten a better mobo.

    Oh, and I hear from reliable sources (i.e. Dell employees) that Dell is currently using the same hardware as HP/Compaq, so that explains a lot. 😛