Bias at the New York Times: NFL Edition?

Brian Keefer of CJR Daily cracks the case:

We don’t usually rely on the New York Times for our sports news — for that we just cast freebie glances at the back page of the New York Post on the subway. But this week it’s been almost impossible not to notice a striking imbalance in quantity, placement and tone of the Times‘ coverage of the four NFL football teams still standing in the playoffs — the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Times, it seems, has a special place in its heart — and its news columns — for the big boys of Steel Town.

Interesting. If coverage is slanted this way, perhaps it’s because Pittsburgh struck down the hometown Jets in last week’s divisional-playoff showdown, thereby earning the respect of Times scribes. But take my armchair analysis with a grain of salt: I’m primarily a baseball observer, after all.

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