Bikinis for Babies

Bikinis for Toddlers Spark Controversy (Reuters)

A Swedish bikini-style top for toddlers will be withdrawn from sale amid criticism from a Norwegian cabinet minister that bra-like clothing was inappropriate for small girls. “It is remarkably daft to make bra-like bikinis for one-year-olds,” Norwegian Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Daavoey was quoted as telling the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang Thursday. “This is a terrible commercialization of childhood. Children are not women. Bikinis on small children are a way of linking children to sexuality. We must say ‘No’ to this,” she said.

Swedish clothes maker Lindex said it would withdraw one design of top, meant for girls aged 1-2, after an internal review.

I don’t know what’s sillier: bikinis for babies or a cabinet official spending their time worrying about it.

James Joyner
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  1. Mike says:

    sadly, my state (VA) has topped them w/ their attempt to criminalize the showing of underwear (ie letting your thong or boxers hang out/be seen on purpose)

    While I support keeping underwear under your clothes, this too was an incredible waste of everyone’s time.

  2. Bithead says:

    At the risk of being rather obvious;

    How often do swimsuits of ANY variety, come into play in Norway, in any event?

    Think: Snow

  3. Ken says:

    The only thing that I can find sillier is our congresspeople spending time on regulating baseball and steroids.

  4. kenny says:

    ” A cabinet official spending their time worrying about it.”

    or as is more likely , on a slow news day some journo looking for a quote phones up the offical
    who promptly gives a quote likely to get her name in the papers.