Politics1 reports on actor Tom Laughlin’s second bid, this time as a Republican. (He ran as a Democrat in 1992.) His platform?

A primary reason I run is to make the American people aware there is a window of opportunity to stop the war in Iraq immediately,” explains Laughlin. He says he has “an ‘Exit Plan’ that strengthens our military and achieves every single goal those who argue to stay and escalate want achieved.” He also vows to “stop the Totalitarian Takeover of America … make Americans aware of the frightening anti-American Bush Doctrine of world domination & pre-emptive strikes … stop the exporting of American jobs … [and] restore America to her moral purpose as our most powerful weapon in the war against terror.” He doesn’t think much of the Congressional Democrats, either — whom he calls “Demo-Cowards” — for supporting Bush’s Iraq War plans. He also supports universal health insurance.

Sounds pretty much like Howard Dean to me, except that he’d be better in a fight.

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  1. SwampWoman says:

    Intriguing, yet strangely unconvincing.