Bin Laden’s Goal: Kill 4 Million Americans

Bin Laden’s Goal: Kill 4 Million Americans

“It is not a question of if….it is a question of when,” claims the author of a controversial new book “Osama’s Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and the Government Haven’t Told You,” (Prometheus Books).

Paul Williams, an investigative journalist and author, says information he has obtained and some he was given access to all point to another attack by al-Qaida on the U.S. mainland. “I believe that between now and 2005, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida will attack the U.S. with [stolen] nuclear weapons. I have no doubt about it,” says Williams.

I’m sure this is bin Laden’s intention; I’m less sure that he’ll acquire the capability. I’m a bit skeptical about all the talk about suitcase nukes and secret stashes from the former Soviets. Still, it may be inevitable that al Qaeda or another jihadist group will acquire nuclear–or, more likely, radiological–weapons in the next several years. And, if they acquire them, it’s a virtual certainty that they’ll use them.

Williams’ forecasts and rationale are rather chilling. Give the piece a read.

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