BIRDS OF A FEATHER: BBC report: Arab League lines up behind Iraq.

Arab countries have condemned the “aggression” against Iraq and called for the immediate withdrawal of US and British forces from the country.

* * *

The resolution was adopted unanimously except for Kuwait, which expressed reservations. The BBC’s Mark Doyle, who is at the summit, says Iraq is likely to be pleased with the outcome, but it is not clear what it means in practical terms. The League does not have executive powers to implement its resolutions, so there is no mechanism for stopping those Arab states which have US forces on their land – such as Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain – from continuing to help them.

* * *

The Arab world has been split over what to do about the Iraqi crisis. Although public opinion in most Arab countries is strongly opposed to the American-led attack, some Arab governments are opposed, openly or in private, to Saddam Hussein.

So, basically, this is just political figures having it both ways. Who ever heard of such a thing?

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