Bizarro Kerry

Glenn Reynolds has written a fantasy press release from a “parallel universe” in which John Kerry had decided to offer a plan for the future rather than focusing almost entirely on his Vietnam record. My first thought was that Kerry would likely be running away with the race were Glenn’s account accurate. My second thought was that it wouldn’t be John Kerry at all: decisive, self-effacing, and visionary. My third thought is that, had he done this, he wouldn’t have gotten the nomination, either.

(Hat tip Dean Esmay)

Update: N.Z. Bear makes an extended version of my second thought.

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James Joyner
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  1. Bithead says:

    Allow me to give you a forth thought, James, sicne the offer is for a parallel universe….

    In my parallel, Kerry has made a proposal for a 27 billion dollar program to cut government waste.

    Two distinct lists of people are created with this.

    1: Those who are interested in what the plan is

    2: Those who can actually see the inherrent stupidity in a $27 Billion dollar growth of government being hawked as ‘saving money’, but are not at all shocked by Kerry having proposed it.

    Let imagine this is real, for just a moment.

    Which of the two lists are you in, and what does that say about Mr. Kerry?

    What does it say about YOU?