Blair: This is My Last Election

Tony Blair has said that this will be his last election and that he will retire after a third term, if Labour retains control of Parliament as expected.

Blair: I’ll step down

British Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed that he would step down as leader of the Labour Party after a possible third term in office, as he launched his party’s election manifesto on Wednesday. “I have said that this is my last election. At the election following there will be a different leader,” Blair said.

However Blair, flanked by six other ministers, including his most likely successor, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, insisted that he would serve a full third term in government if his party won a record third successive victory in the May 5 polls.


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  1. European politicians are always saying that, but they usually end up clinging to their posts as long as possible, until they are finally disgrace themselves and are impeached or kicked out by the voters. Even the best of them end up tearing down with their asses what they had built with their hands, so to speak.

    We urgently need term limits.

    PS: Gerhard Schröder isn’t even pretending that he is going to leave gracefully, while Jacques Chirac can’t afford it, for he would have to go to jail if he loses the legal immunity of his office before he is to frail to be incarcerated (btw, 47 of Chirac’s friends have just gone on trial for corruption charges).