Blog-Theme Christmas Present Contest

OTB Christmas Contest
(Not A Caption Contest)

Enter in the comments the Worst blog-theme Christmas present. Of course, worst, is relative. Incorporate the blog name, linking text, or blogger’s name at your own discretion. Make all entries by December 17. Top Ten winners will be posted December 20th.


Set of Daily Kos Kookie Kutters, allows you to cut the cookie crap and vote indiscriminately in Blog Awards.

Frank J’s Blender-O-Monkeys ( no explanation probably necessary)


The first Rule is most important

  1. I will add, delete, or modify the rules as I see fit to keep the contest fair and functioning.
  2. Entrys only accepted as entered in comment section of this post.
  3. Include a linking text to the mentioned blog/blogger if you think appropriate for recognition or clarification.
  4. I am not all knowing as far as the blog world is concerned so feel free to explain your comment.
  5. The judge’s decisions are final, but comments of self-appointed judges are welcome, and will probably affect the outcome.
  6. Enter as often as you wish
  7. The picture is the picture of Misfit Toys and has no other relevance to the contest
  8. Preference will be given to Blog-themed entries, based on real blogs and bloggers

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Jon Henke says:

    Wonkette’s Lubricating Jelly

    INDC’s Moonbat of the Month Club

    Oliver Willis’ Guide to Epistemology and Rational Thinking

  2. Tig says:

    Tig’s magical captionin’ contest losin’ potion.

  3. McTrip says:

    Andrew Sullivan’s “The Toys Andrew Rejects Make Andrew’s Toys The Best” box of low-impact seasonal treasures.

  4. McTrip says:

    From the exciting new board game : “Red State Abduction” [utilising federal grant-aided transportation capabilities, kidnap the strawberry blonde Coulter-bitch while evading the evil Ashcroftian elephant-in-the- room]. Suitable for ages 4.0-4.1, all parts biodegradable. Made in China.

  5. Wonkette Labs™ Penicillin

    The Koran (NRSV) — New Rusty Shackleford Version

    Rodney Dill’s “Caption Contests for Dummies”

    Tequila Mockingbird SHIFT KEY remover.

  6. Rodney Dill says:

    Video of Rodney Dill’s Jump over Snake River Canyon in a Rocket car.

    (/shameless self promotion)

    – Well it won’t be picked, but it would be a bad present.

  7. My last one should read:

    Rodney Dill’s Caption Contests for Dummies.

  8. McTrip says: brings you a special reduced-price action model set “My First Family”, featuring Mrs. Mother Teresa Escobar-Torquemada-Heinz-57 Forbes-Kerry, their dog “Spotty” and assorted planes, trains and automobiles. Was $19.99 – reduced to 2 bucks. Made in N.Vietnam, styled in France.

  9. Loon says:

    The Dan Rather & Mary Mapes box-o-trusty informers n evidence from

  10. Loon says:

    protein wisdom’s ‘Let’s Spring Martha” prison breakout kit.

  11. Loon says:

    The Paris Hilton blog and Pixar combine to offer R rated double header : “Dumbo Flies To Paris” and “Paris Does Dumbo”.

  12. Duffer says:

    A coil of Michelle Malkin branded border razor wire

  13. McGehee says:

    Acidman’s Guide to Polite Language

    Michele Catalano’s Favorite Ted Rall Cartoons

    Unsuccessful Requests for an InstaLink, Volumes 1 to 14,000

  14. Rodney Dill says:

    The Paris Hilton blog and Pixar combine to offer R rated double header : “Dumbo Flies To Paris” and “Paris Does Dumbo”.

    Wouldn’t that be “Paris for Dumbo’s: Fly United Sponsored by United Airlines

  15. Sgt Fluffy says:

    1)Jimmy Carter limited edition “Favorite Dictators” plates.
    2) “How to win a national election” By J. Kerry
    3) Teresa’s Gin and Raisin Cookbook.

  16. Tig says:

    OK, I’ll go with me again, present: a one line mention with three footnotes.

  17. Duffer says:

    From the shopping blog – all books authored by John F. Kerry :

    1. “Waterways of Cambodia – Brief Recollections”

    2. “Searing For Beginners”

    3. “It Takes A Burned-out Mekong Village”

    4. “INTEGRITY – My Part In Its Downfall”

    5. “Windsurfin n Snowboardin Tips For The Poor”

  18. Duffer says:

    CBS colour ink cartridge refills for 1972 IBM typewriters

  19. T. Lung says:

    From the online shop at Barbra Streisand’s blog, a pop-up book of floor plans to Barbra’s Malibu mansion.

  20. T. Lung says:

    From the Sully and Hitch collection, “His & His” conservatively fashioned wedding bands available ad nauseam @

  21. T. Lung says:

    A blow up Rodney Dill

  22. T. Lung says:

    Let’s try that again…..

    An inflatable Rodney Dill

  23. McTrip says:

    Pussy flavored chew toys from the Anti-idiotarian rottweiler catablog

  24. Loon says:

    Vols I to IX of the damnum absque injuria Latin blog-primer.

  25. Loon says:

    The Fight the Flab workout video from

  26. Eric says:

    “This Box is Full of Crap”

    INDC Journal’s plush MoonBat

    Mother May I Sleep With Treacher Bed Pillows

    Scrappleface brand Scrapple

  27. Rodney Dill says:

    Professor Chaos Book of Feng Shui

  28. Cassandra says:

    Babs Streisand’s Season of the B*tch Blue Stater’s Book of Historical Misquotes

  29. Kate says:

    The highly sought after tech manual “Blogging on Acid”, Protein Wisdom Edition.

  30. Purple Raider says:

    The blogosphere was suprised, but not shocked, at the new Clinton Library gift item – The Monica Humidor (holds one cigar).

  31. spd rdr says:

    “Slimming Down for the Holidays With Steve”