The Dementia Election

Maybe it’s time to stop joking about senile politicians and do something about the issue.

Social Distancing for Disease Prevention

The recommended precautions are severe. Are they being followed?

Coronavirus Has Been Politicized to Dangerous Effect II

These decisions should be made by professionals.

Sunday Forum

Where did that hour go, anyway?

Amtrak Suspends DC-New York Acela Over Coronavirus

Fears have reduced demand for public transit.

Trump Fires Chief of Staff via Tweet

This is no way to run a railroad.

SXSW Latest Victim of Coronavirus

Conferences, sporting events, and even school has been canceled to avoid spreading the pandemic.

Coronavirus Has Been Politicized to Dangerous Effect

Republicans are half as likely to take the outbreak seriously.

Saturday Forum

Have at it.

Bernie Sanders is Toast

He’s repelling the people he needs to mount a comeback.

Joementum Kills Brokered Convention Dream

Nate Silver now gives Biden an 87% chance of winning the nomination outright.

Warren Blames Sanders for Dangerous Harassment

It doesn’t look like the Progressive wing is uniting any time soon.

American Gerontocracy

Is being ruled by the elderly a bad thing?

Bernie Sanders’ Soviet Sister City

There’s nothing to see here, folks.

Friday Forum

End-of-workweek gabfest.

Lousiana’s Weak Case for Abortion Regulation

A case that should never have made it to the Supreme Court.

Sanders Says He’ll Drop Out if Biden Has Plurality

Playing nice? Or setting up a fight?

Elizabeth Warren Ends Campaign

The inevitable has happened.

Getting Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

Women didn’t vote for her either. But that doesn’t mean sexism didn’t play a role in her loss.

Thursday Open Forum

Have at it. Posting may be light today.

Women Are Not a Voting Bloc II

A quick follow-up.

Bloomberg Drops Out, Endorses Biden

The wagons have been circled.

Why 2020 Democrats Were Able to Consolidate the Moderates and 2016 Republicans Weren’t

The races are more alike—and yet more different—than we seem to remember.

Women are Not a Voting Bloc

Four highly-qualified (and two less-qualified) women ran and lost in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren Couldn’t Win and Therefore Didn’t

She lost in both of her home states. She shouldn’t be embarrassed.

Bloomberg Spent Half a Billion for Little ROE

Not a great night for the former New York major. But he still has $54.5 billion to comfort him.

Super Tuesday Creates Joementum

A bad night for Bloomberg and Warren has radically reshaped the race.

Wednesday’s Forum

Jomentum edition.

A Democratic Turnout Problem?

Evidence from the four early states is not looking promising.

CQ Brown to Become First African-American Service Chief

Another milestone has been reached.

Warren Can’t Win

96 percent of the delegates have yet to be awarded. How can the race be down to two?

Chris Matthews Retires

The longtime talking head is the latest poster boy for #MeToo. And mandatory retirement.

Super Tuesday Open Forum


The Most Important Rule Of Surviving A Political Campaign Is: Don’t Quit!

The final delegate count may well be skewed.

Klobuchar Out

The field winnows further.

The Down Side of Early Voting

Many people have voted for candidates who aren’t running anymore.

Super Monday Open Forum

It’s Super Tuesday Eve.

Pete Buttigieg Drops Out

The Iowa winner and New Hampshire runner-up has acknowledged the inevitable.

COVID-19 and the Trump Administration

The administration’s handling underscores its poor governance skills (and the degree to which it doesn’t matter to supporters).

Turkey at War with Syria and Europe

President Erdogan is playing a dangerous game.

A White Guy in His 70s Will Be President in 2021

The women, minority, and non-geriatric candidates have been all but eliminated from the race.

South Carolina Exit Polls

Joe Biden won with every group imaginable—and some that were unimaginable.

Warren Persistent Despite Losing Again

She’s continuing to swing at the candidates beating her at the polls.

Tom Steyer Drops Out

The billionaire has decided to stop tilting at windmills.

Joe Biden Makes it a Two-Man Race

The 78-year-old is the Comeback Kid. And the only chance of preventing a Bernie Sanders nomination.

Post-SC Primary Open Forum

Hot takes for a Sunday morning.

Bloomberg’s Campaign Costing Taxpayers?

A law professor makes a bad argument in favor of a pet policy.