A Spotify for News

Publishers and consumers want very different business models.

Walker’s Vist to Hugh Hewitt

An example of rationalization.

A Basic Theory of Voting Behavior

And a reminder of the role of political parties.

Ukraine Openly Mocking Russia

Things are not going well in the special military operation.

Supreme Court Demographics

The class photo has changed.

newspaper newspaper

Democratic Local News Network

Fifty-plus “local” news outlets are a front for David Brock and company.

The High Price of Politicizing COVID

Republicans have died at a far higher rate than Democrats.

Ben Sasse to Leave Senate to Become Florida President

The Nebraska Republican got an offer he can’t refuse.

A Photo for Friday

“Pond at Dusk”

Why Walker Will Win a Lot of Votes

Voting isn’t just about candidates.

Thursday’s Forum

Putin’s Nuclear Gambit

The threat is not idle and the options for responding are not good.

Loretta Lynn, 1932-2022

A country music icon is gone at 90.

Legendary Chemist Fired for Being a Hard Grader

A complicated case out of NYU.

Tuesday’s Forum

Supreme Court Poised to Upend Everything

The term that kicks off today could undermine our entire system of government.

Regime Change in Russia?

Can the unsustainable be sustained?

The Florida Fantasy Meets Hard Reality

How a hideous, diabolical, pestilential, God-abandoned hellhole became our 3rd largest state.

Asking the Wrong Questions

Tudor’s down. No laughing or drinking, just a crippled party.

Abrams Loses Suit Over 2018 Election

Georgia Republicans didn’t violate the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act.

Putin’s Desperate Gambit

A phony annexation doesn’t hide that he’s badly losing his illegal war.

Insuring Against the Inevitable

Hurricane Ian renews some perennial questions about recovering from natural disasters.

Tales from the Campaign Trail

Candidate quality can matter.

A Photo for Friday

“Pirate’s Alley”

Friday’s Forum

Line of the Day

Cable news v. court edition.

Bill Plante, 1938-2022

The veteran newsman is gone at 84.

America’s Woeful Defense Industrial Capacity

Eighteen HIMARS and what do you get? Years older and deeper in debt.

Thursday’s Forum

Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotaged; EU Blames Russia

The CIA warned of his months ago but the Biden administration is being cautious.

Wednesday’s Forum

When Autocrats Get Desperate

Autocrats facing defeat have all kinds of counterproductive, dangerous ideas.

Axios and Pre-Chewed News

Jim VandeHei and company have put out a new style guide.

Tuesday’s Forum

Anti-Putin Backlash

The Russian leader may be looking over his shoulder after imposing a draft.

Price Differentiation and Class Consciousness

Apparently, more expensive versions of products are often better.

Monday’s Forum

Voting Alone is Not Democracy

Putin provides an example for a Politics 101 class.

Italy Expected to Elect Post-Fascist Premier

Democratic backsliding appears to be spreading to another European country.

Iran Protests Intensity Highest Since 1979

The ayatollahs face the biggest challenge to their authority in the history of the regime.

Sunday’s Forum

It’s not Illegal if the President Thinks it

If you haven’t actually seen the clip, here you go.

Can Reporters Have Friends?

A new book raises fundamental questions about how far journalistic objectivity should extend.