I have now incorporated an inline TrackBack feature, using code via PoliBlog via WizBang via Amish Tech Support via ScriptyGoddess. It makes it easier to see who has linked to OTB posts and “continued the discussion” elsewhere. As an added bonus, it counts as a link on the TTLB Ecosystem and should generate a modest traffic increase for those linking OTB, especially for less established blogs.

Speaking of TTLB, NZ Bear has finally found time to read his e-mail and has removed Bizarro OTB from the Ecosystem, having peaked at #18. I’ll have to content myself with my much less exciting #58, knowing that at least the links are legit.

OTB has been blogrolled by two more sites:

  • Hedgehog Report
  • Happy Furry Puppy
  • Thanks to both!

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