Jay Ambrose has a piece in the Sacramento Bee on the power of blogging. The thing that always amuses me about these pieces, pro or con, is that they always feel the need to explain their topic:

In case you haven’t been tuned into all of this, you should know the word “blog” derives from the phrase “Web log,” which itself refers to personally established Internet sites where people can have their say about whatever it is that crosses their minds. At little cost and at a minimal investment in time, you can set one up and, presto, the world has access to you.

Doesn’t this mere fact pretty much settle the question? One never has to begin a debate on the power of the television news (see the Brinkley piece one post down) with a definition of “television.”

I’m also rather amused that these pieces all claim there are “millions” of blogs out there, when all the data seem to suggest it’s several orders of magnitude less than that.

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  1. Steven says:

    Maybe they are counting all the times one has to hit “refresh” to get a B*S site to load as a unique blog. 😉