I’ve gotten a few referrals today from BlogChatter – Realtime Weblog Aggregation, which is currently beta testing.

BlogChatter is a window into weblog activity right now, at this moment. It is a real-time event stream of weblog updates, similar to the data provided by, without polling or a static data format. Pings to BlogChatter are displayed instantly the moment they are received, and only persisted in memory for no longer than 30 seconds.

The box to the right is an example application which uses the BlogChatter feed. It displays the incoming weblog updates the moment they are received.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I would use this, but I’m not one for trolling the Blogger or other “newly updated sites” pages, either, and those seem to generate some hits, too. Indeed, I haven’t gotten into the RSS feed craze either, although I do provide a feed for those who find these things useful. In that spirit, I’ve added BlogChatter to the sites MT pings when I submit a new post.

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