Blogging Ain’t Easy

Scott Adams is going to cut down on blogging because, while he’s been tremendously successful at gaining readership, he finds he’s actually losing money:

I hoped that people who loved the blog would spill over to people who read Dilbert, and make my flagship product stronger. Instead, I found that if I wrote nine highly popular posts, and one that a reader disagreed with, the reaction was inevitably “I can never read Dilbert again because of what you wrote in that one post.” Every blog post reduced my income, even if 90% of the readers loved it. And a startling number of readers couldn’t tell when I was serious or kidding, so most of the negative reactions were based on misperceptions.

Perhaps because I’m not a multi-gazillionaire, I’ve managed to come out ahead financially by blogging.

I do, however, share Adams’ problem with people not knowing when I’m serious or kidding. Or, that this is a blog, not a newspaper. And that, if I mention a person in a blog post, I’m not actually them.

via Megan McArdle

Adams’ flagship product:

Dilbert Strip Agile Programming

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  1. G.A.Phillips says:

    No blogging is easy, it’s spelling that ain’t easy.

  2. Dilbert says:

    I suspect this URL is what caused the controversy…

  3. Dear Mr. Scott Adams,

    How can you stop blogging? Please, please, please reconsider your position. I love your blog!

    And really, don’t you have enough money already?

    P.S.: Could you please do more Ratbert strips? He cracks me up.

  4. Kenny says:

    I propose different fonts for different tones. If nuance escapes the printed word then serif should do the trick.