Laurence Simon is burned out on all the carnivals and other meta-blogs and has stopped reading them. Craig Henry, though, thinks they’re useful:

As the number of blogs keep growing, readers (including other bloggers) need some way to sort through them and discover new ones– especially blogs that tackle subjects not covered by Instapundit and blogs that weren’t around two years ago.

I don’t see the harm in the proliferation of the meta blogs and even occasionally submit entries to them to increase visibility of posts that have disappeared into the archives.

Like Laurence, though, I seldom actually read them anymore. On a good week, Carnival of the Vanities has 70-odd links. It would take me all day to go through them and, since there is no culling process, I don’t find it worth the effort. But if it gets new blogs some readers, that’s all good.

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  1. Bowulf says:

    I am using Feedster to create my own metablog-like experience by creating numerous keyword searchs and inputting them into an RSS aggregator.

  2. Jay Solo says:

    I see a good layout and good descriptions as key in something like CotV or CotC (discussion of name change is ongoing for CotC), so you can scroll down the list and open only the links that sound interesting. That was what I tried to accomplish in my hosting this week.

    I am least likely to click anything in a crowded-looking Carnival.