Rachel Lucas has returned to blogging and isn’t happy about it. (Thanks to Amish Tech Support for the link and Fisking of the piece.)

My two cents worth, largely copied from my Comments on ATS: I’m not familiar with her site (I didn’t know she’d stopped blogging) but Rachel has me a bit confused. On the one hand, it seems her feelings get hurt awfully easily. Yet, on the other, she says the way to run a blog is not to care what others think. Even though she obviously does.

If you’re doing a public blog, rather than just an online diary, then it seems by definition you care what other people think. Otherwise, why bother? I’ve only been at it about a month but, yes, I watch my traffic and have screwed around with the look of the site and added Comments and such to make it more usable in an attempt to make people want to come back. In terms of writing, I mainly do it to amuse myself and the handful of my friends who I know read it. Do I pull my punches? No. Indeed, I probably irritate all sorts of people by supporting Bush on the war but then alienate most of the people who agree with me on the war with my views on religion. Oh, well.

The bottom line is that this is a hobby. If you don’t like getting negative comments, then don’t put your e-mail address on it. Or just give it up.

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