Matthew Yglesias has been blogging two whole years as of Sunday. Now, at the wise old age of 22, he reflects back on those days of yore:

Those were different days in the blogosphere (and the country) before the Iraq War and so forth and there was more collaboration across the aisle, but it was also mighty lonely out here on the left. I antedate the indomitable Atrios, but he’s obviously done more than anyone else to build the liberal blogosphere (Kos, obviously, also had a thing or two to do with it) which has benefitted us all.

And several to increase the animosity as well. Matthew and others have done a good job of presenting the left’s views without the vitriol.

Kevin Drum once referred to me as the “Matthew Yglesias of the right,” which I guess by extension makes Matt the James Joyner of the left. Or perhaps the rocket in Glenn’s left pocket; I’m not sure which.

At any rate, Happy Blogiversary, Matt!

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  1. whatever says:

    > Kevin Drum…presenting the left’s views
    > without the vitriol

    You’re kidding, right? I stopped reading him the day he suggested republicans supported poisoning children through the water supply. Although I have to admit his ignorance of “fiat currency” was pretty funny (it’s all fiat currency, Kevin).