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BlogPulse has released their 2005 Year in Review, including their Top 25 Blogs. Their methodology?

Top blogs, blog posts, media sources, media stories, movies, videos, audio, images and wikipedia references were tabulated by counting the number of times bloggers linked to them during 2005.

While that is somewhat debatable, it’s certain one reasonable measure. Strangely, though, the results are much different from what those of us who read blogs and keep up with Technorati or the Ecosystem:

I’ve literally never heard of a handful of these sites. I find it hard to believe that Engadget and Albino Blacksheep were really linked more often than And that there could be 25 sites with more linkage than DailyKos? That is so unlikely as to approach absurdity.

Engadget is ranked # 80 in the Ecosystem and Albino Blacksheep isn’t even listed.

Using Technorati, which has many more sites than Bear’s Ecosystem, I get the following results:

    14,139 links to Engadget
    14,106 to Business Opportunities Weblog*
    13,611 links to Albino Blacksheep
    10,964 links to DailyKos
    6,736 links to Instapundit
    1,812 links to Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger

So, while the DailyKos omission remains inexplicable, there are quite a number of incredibly well linked blogs out there that are flying below the radar screen of the major political sites.

*Mostly the “How Much is my Blog Worth?” post

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James Joyner
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  1. Bithead says:

    Yeah, and BitsBlog isn’t even in that top 25. I mean that stretches believability don’t you think?

    (large grin)

  2. Matt says:

    Wikipedia references? Since when is that an important metric?

  3. Steve Plunk says:

    A generous definition of what a blog is has contributed to why some of these sites are on the list.

    Albino Blacksheep is aimed at teens and provides links to videos and humorous items, no real web log.

    Lumping all blogs together in this manner is why we have heard of only a few of these.