Islamist Terrorists Bomb 50 Bangladesh Cities

The Islamist terrorist group Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh has claimed responsibility for a series of bomb blasts across Bangladesh today.

Bombs explode across Bangladesh (BBC)

More than 50 people have been injured in a series of simultaneous bomb blasts across Bangladesh. Police say about 100 explosions took place in some 50 cities and towns across the country including the capital Dhaka and Chittagong. They are said to have taken place in front of government buildings, markets, press clubs and court premises. An outlawed Islamic group, Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, says it carried out the attacks.

Reports say many of the injured have been admitted to local hospitals, although most of the injuries are not life-threatening. The blasts caused panic across many cities leading to massive traffic jams. Reports say parents rushed to bring their children home from school.

“It’s an organised attack,” Home Minister Lutfozzaman Babor said, but added he was not sure who was behind the bombings.
The Associated Press reports that seven people have been arrested in connection with the blasts. Police say most of the bombs were small, homemade devices – wrapped in tape or paper.

Leaflets from the Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh have appeared at the site of some of the blasts. “It is time to implement Islamic law in Bangladesh” and “Bush and Blair be warned and get out of Muslim countries”, the leaflets say. Early this year the Bangladesh government banned Jamatul Mujahideen and another group, Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh They were accused of being behind a series of bomb blasts, including those at two local aid agencies – Grameen and Brac.

If they keep this up, their reputation as the Religion of Peace may start to tarnish.

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  1. M. Murcek says:

    Much more importantly, when will it become, in the eyes of the American electorate, a sign of asininity, imbecility and / or mendacity for an American politician to even mouth the phrase “religion of peace(tm)”