LisaS and the folks at Boycott Hollywood have changed their site and domain name to Right Voices:

Why the change? Things change, people change – – focus has changed. We’re still the same people running this site . . . but as the world changes around us, so should we be changing.

Oh yes – we still have the same focus as we did at Boycott Hollywood – – and we’ll still be singling out those Hollywood Pundits that make us cringe. However, there are so many other things going on in this world today – Reilly, Chris and I chose to broaden the outlook of our site.

We’ve always written about general politics, media and other things – – but mainly, the site was centered upon Hollywood punditry. We’ll still be doing it – however, that, and much more.

Our discussion forum is still alive and kicking with well over 800 members and reaching 30,000 posts as we speak. Along with all the entries in this blog – we backed up the discussion forum and didn’t lose one post. For all our returning board members – your username and login are the very same…the only thing that is different is the URL and the layout.

Our comment section for the blog still remains closed. All of our discussion and comments are still going to be handled within our discussion forum. Drive-by comment spammers – – we offer no apologies! Perhaps if our site traffic goes down a bit now that we’ve changed – – we might consider re-opening the comments on the front page – – but for now, join the forum if you wish to join in the discussion!

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