Brady Quinn Line of the Day

“Everyone was saying that I was losing money. Well, I never had it to lose. In my wallet, I have, like, maybe a dollar in cash.” — Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn on the money his first-round slide cost him on his rookie contract. (via ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli)

I like this kid and think he’s going to be an excellent pro quarterback. Since Cleveland traded the Dallas Cowboys their first pick next year to get him, though, I hope he doesn’t do it right away.

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James Joyner
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  1. I think Quinn will be good, but I don’t want him to be. Or else I grumble at my Packers passing up on Brett Favre’s replacement.

  2. Derrick says:

    After much suffering by us Browns fans, its nice to finally luck into something. Brady might not be the next Peyton Manning, but if he can just be a poor man’s Tom Brady as Weiss keeps suggesting I’ll take it any day. As much as I loathe Notre Dame, I’ll be rooting for this kid after such a miserable day.