Bravo Rick Short

Career minor leaguer gets RBI single in first major league at-bat (AP)

After collecting 1,235 hits in the minors, with a batting average above .300, [Rick] Short got his first at-bat in the majors. …

Standing at first, Short got a high-five from coach Don Buford, and the ball was tossed into the Nationals’ dugout. When he came off the field, he was greeted at the dugout by a fist bump from Nationals manager Frank Robinson and high-fives from outfielder Jose Guillen and other teammates. As he trotted down the steps, Short doffed his batting helmet to the crowd.

I happened to catch this as I was eating dinner; the announcers were calling him a “real-live Crash Davis” — which was annoying — but the guy came through on an 0-2 pitch and drove in a run. This, after 12 years in the minor leagues, where he was earning about $800 a month as a “professional.” Congratulations to the Nationals’ Rick Short.

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  1. Doug says:

    You only make $800 a month in Rookie ball or Low A Ball.

    By the time you have this guys seniority, you are making $3-5K a month.

  2. Leopold Stotch says:

    Doug: thanks for the comment. I’ve always been told that you make the bare minimum throughout the rookie/farm/minor system. In any event, this guy earned his pay tonight.

  3. dw says:

    Yeah, by smacking down my M’s. Our “Rick Short” type player, Bucky Jacobsen, should be off the DL soon.

  4. slaphitter says:

    No one gets rich at AAA. My guess is that Short is paid around $35,000 to $45,000 a year. It was great to see this dedicated baseball lifer get a major league opportunity, even if for only one at-bat. Hope he gets called up again.

  5. mine-e says:

    I played ball with Shorty in High School and if there is any guy who diserved an opportunity to break in it is this guy. An all around great guy and ball player. GREAT JOB SHORTY!!!