Brett Favre Gets Old Before Our Eyes

I don't think Brett Favre's actually retiring this year. But, by the looks of him, he's earned it.

Esquire has an interesting profile titled “How a Favre Ages, 1990-2010,” chronicling the evolution of the world’s most indecisive quarterback.

A sampling:

1991:  The second-round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons, sixteen games before getting diagnosed with Bo Jackson’s degenerative hip condition, and getting traded to…

1992: …Lambeau. No more hair gel.

1995: Heart of an MVP, face of a 26-year-old.

1998: The end of the coach, the end of a run. Brett Favre started every game.

2002: Lambeau’s longest winter begins with its first playoff loss.

2006: Did we mention the gray hair?

2009: The Old Man and the Sea.

I don’t think he’s actually retiring this year.  But, by the looks of him, he’s earned it.

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