Britney Spears Wedding Fake?

Matt Drudge apparently has advanced copy of an Us Magazine story to that effect:

US WEEKLY uncovered ‘documents’ that show Britney Spears’ nuptuals to be a ‘faux wedding.’ PEOPLE mag wasted 7 figures for ‘exclusive photos’… done to throw everyone off the case… Developing…

Drudge photo.

Hilarious. I wonder if Dan Rather’s involved somehow?

For background see Britney Spears Secret Marriage (9/19)

Update (9/23 1051): Britney and new hubby not faking it (MSNBC)

The Drudge Report on Wednesday carried a banner headline proclaiming “Media Tricked Again: Brit Faked Wedding.†It cited “documents†uncovered by US Weekly that “show Britney Spears’ nuptials to be a ‘faux wedding.’†The report continued: “People mag wasted 7 figures for ‘exclusive photos’. . . done to throw everyone off the case.†The buzz is that they plan to have their “real†wedding next month. That’s not the case, according to Spears and Federline. The upcoming issue of People magazine — which hits newsstands this Friday — does, indeed, carry exclusive photos and details about the wedding. And it also has a brief article that addresses this controversy: “Are they legally wed?â€

Turns out that Spears and Federline are not legally married because even though they have a marriage license, they haven’t yet filed it. They say they plan to file the license next week. As Federline explains it, after the couple hammered out their prenuptial agreement, the lawyers advised them to wait a week before filing the marriage license. But then they moved up the wedding date because they were tired of being stalked by photographers. “Basically, those reports that we didn’t legally wed are [bull],†Federline told People. “But it doesn’t bother me, those reports.†Kathy Treggs, the Los Angeles County recorder’s office manager of public records, said the couple have 10 days from the date of the wedding to file the license. As far as she knows, Treggs said, the couple didn’t take out a license from a Los Angeles County office but could have pulled one from any county recorder’s office in the state or from any number of notary publics authorized to issue them. “I know we’re not completely legal until we file the license, which we’ll do next week,†Spears told People. “But in a real sense, a spiritual sense, we’re married. We’re just following our lawyer’s advice.†Regarding the reports that it was a fake marriage, she said, “I’m really upset that somebody some place decides to write a false headline about a special day that I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl. It’s too bad. I don’t understand the thinking behind it.

Yes, I’m sure she’s been dreaming of her second marriage inside a year ever since she was little.

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  1. Tim says:

    You think Britney may actually be the elusive Lucy Ramirez?

  2. Kimberly says:

    You know, I didn’t think even Britney was tacky enough to have groomsmen switch into tracksuits with “Pimps” printed on the back for her REAL wedding.

    So either she pulled off a great trick on the paparazzi – or she just really IS that tacky.

  3. Well, her talent is pretty much fake, so…

  4. Django Bliss says:

    Will her fiance/husbands new born baby and other chilren via his previous indiscretion be at the “Real” wedding?

    Real or not the whole relationship seems trashy.