If the title of this review doesn’t make you want to rush out and see this movie, nothing will: Bulletproof Monk is a kung-fu version of American Pie. If you need more convincing:

Seann William Scott, the guy who played Stifler in American Pie, is an acrobatic pickpocket who becomes the protégé of a century-old Tibetan Buddhist monk (Chow Yun-Fat) with supernatural powers. The odd couple banters dully (“This is America!” the kid tells the monk—on what is clearly a Toronto avenue), then fights off an elderly (but still kicking) Nazi (Karel Roden) and his blond-bitch daughter (Victoria Smurfit), who’ll stop at nothing to get a sacred scroll that somehow has the power to cleanse the world of “inferior races.”

Dare I say it? I smell an Oscar.

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