Police believe teenage pranksters are hacking into the wireless frequency of a US Burger King drive-through speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food.

Policeman Gerry Scherlink said the pranksters told one customer who had just placed an order: “You don’t need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead.”


While this is rather funny, I wonder if this won’t soon become standard practice. For years now, for example, bartenders have been held legally liable if they sell obviously intoxicated patrons another drink and then the patron goes out an kills someone in an automobile accident. More recently, people have successfully sued cigarette manufacturers for illnesses contracted from smoking–even though a big label listing that risk has appeared right on the package for decades. So, by that logic, why isn’t BK responsible if some big, disgusting fatbody has a heart attack after eating a Whopper?

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James Joyner
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  1. mark says:

    If Private Pyle had not committed suicide, one wonders if he would have collected from Dunkin’ Donuts for his failure to become a good Marine…

  2. does this mean that fast food outlets will have to install ‘lard-o-meters’, test to be taken before getting served?

  3. James Joyner says:

    mark: To be fair, I believe it was a mess hall donut–although Dunkin’ may have had something to do with his pre-Corps condition.

    MFM: It wouldn’t hurt. Eyeballing is risky and there are no records kept.

  4. LittleA says:
  5. LittleA says:

    Dang it! I forgot all about those pesky HTML tags. Let’s try it again.

    [insert Michael Moore comment here]