Jeff Jarvis has an excellent summary and analysis of recent comments made by Margaret Cho and Bill Maher on the subject. The money ‘graph:

Amazing that leftist “comedians” can be politically correct about everything but the worst genocide, the worst moral crime, the worst evil in history. To them, that’s just a punchline.

: What’s amazing is that Cho can turn the murderer of six million Jews into a joke but she’s offended when people get offended at what she says and call her a pig.


I honestly don’t get this trend. Comedians go over the line and say idiotic things in order to be “cutting edge” on a fairly regular basis. My guess is too many grew up listening to Richard Pryor and George Carlin and came away with the impression that vulgarity is, in and of itself, funny. Pryor’s comedy was vulgar because it was fueled by a justified anger; it was funny because it was grounded in truth. Carlin is funny largely in spite of his vulgarity these days.

Clearly, MoveOn.org is further to the fringe than I had understood. What’s troubling is that, much more so than the Right fringe (say, Pat Robertson), they’re accorded respect. I know the Bush=Hitler crowd isn’t the mainstream of the Democratic party. But they’re a larger part of it than I’d have thought.

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