Interesting piece in Newsweek: A Father̢۪s Words on Going to War. As always, Bush Sr. is a man of terrific class:

What burns me up now are these statements that are critical of the president and of Colin Powell—”failed diplomacy.” The problem they face is so different and so much bigger that I think any comparison is just night and day. It seems to be au courant, if you’ll excuse my knowledge of French, having studied it for 11 years, but I don’t agree with it. I think when history is written people are going to find some very interesting things about the French position. And I’m annoyed at the German position. I don’t talk about it publicly, but I know a lot of German people not in the coalition government with Schroder who are very, very upset about the position of their government.

And, this, the line of the year:

Q: What do you think is going on with France?

A: [Pause] They̢۪re French.

Read the whole thing.

James Joyner
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