BUSH FRUSTRATED: Reuters reports: Bush Administration Frustrated by War Doubts Really? Wonder what could be causing war doubts? And one must really appreciate fine analysis such as this:

White House officials on Friday denied U.S. war planners were caught off guard by Iraqi resistance on the road to Baghdad and said second-guessing by news reporters and others was frustrating President Bush who believed the war was progressing “on track.”

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said architects of the Iraq campaign “always … planned for a battle that could be long, that could be hard, it could be difficult. That’s always been part-and-parcel of the planning.”

Just three days before Bush gave orders to fire the first cruise missile, Vice President Dick Cheney was on television suggesting that a war would “go relatively quickly” and wrap up in “weeks rather than months.” Others predicted a cakewalk.

Fleischer told reporters it was premature to say how long the 10-day-old war would last. “The president understands people want to know,” he said. “These things are not knowable in the course of war… It will last as long as it needs to last.”

To say Reuters is biased is like saying that France isn’t a true friend of the United States.

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James Joyner
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