A recent poll shows that John Edwards faces an uphill battle in his home state, where he trails President Bush by 19 points! This also spells out the difficulty any Democrat will likely face against a popular wartime president: Guys like Edwards lack the “gravitas” necessary to win and the guys with experience, like Lieberman and Kerry, likely have too much baggage.

(Hat tip: Bill Quick)

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James Joyner
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  1. Ursula says:

    2004 is a long way away. No question that it’s going to be an uphill battle for the Democrats but a strong candidate will emerge. Six months from now it will be — war, what war? Remember, it’s the economy stupid!!! So unless this economy turns around, come 2004, I wouldn’t be counting on a automatic Bush victory.

  2. T.Pena says:

    I agree. It is still too early. Also, if things go very badly in Iraq, then this too can cause Bush a lot of problems. Right now, things have been rather tamed, but no one really knows what will happen the next day. How much longer before a very bloody suicide campaign starts against our troops. How much longer will Iraqis put up with our presences, the disorder, and everything else. This, I think, will have a big impact on the next election.