CAIR: Remove Prager from Holocaust Commission

Life keeps getting more interesting for conservative talk show host Dennis Prager, who is in hot water for his dopey objection to Muslim representative-elect Keith Ellison’s request to use a Koran during his formal swearing-in ceremony. Now the Council on American-Islamic Relations blunders onto the scene with a bizarre demand that can only backfire on the group—that Prager, who is Jewish, be removed from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

Frankly, I’m not sure that’s the complaint I’d have lead with if I were representing CAIR, but maybe that’s me. Not to mention that the Washington Post‘s headline, “Islamic Group Targets Columnist,” isn’t exactly positive publicity.

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Chris Lawrence
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  1. floyd says:

    The only thing dopey is the hyperbolic reaction by an illiterate lynch mob. So dopey in fact as to be an embarrassment to the usual “PC police” whose sole purpose is to stifle discourse.

  2. Remove CAIR from Holocaust Omission.