Canadian Islamic Congress Warns Of Conservative Police State

Canadian Islamic Congress;

Islamic Congress Warns Of Emerging Police State As P.m. Harper Appoints “most Feared Five” To New Cabinet — New Ministers Day, Mackay, Cannon, Toews, And Solberg Could Be Bad News For Canadian Rights And Freedoms.

With yesterday’s new federal Conservative cabinet appointments, the Canadian Islamic Congress fears that police-state politics which beganunder the former Liberal regime will soon emerge in an accelerated andenlarged form.

“The features of an emergent police state in Canada are many,” said today’sCIC statement.

“They include renewal of the anti-terrorism act; the proposed Canadian no-fly list; the existing no-passport list (both giving unprecedented power tocivil servants — not the courts — to list and de-list Canadians);security certificate detentions; racial profiling; wiretapping and spyingon citizens; and a broad range of additional powers given to both the RCMPand CSIS.”

All the current and proposed measures listed above have been implemented without court supervision or due process of law, the statement continued,with the result that “civil liberties of Canadians are eroding and a policestate is emerging. Our government is using the fears of its citizens to rob them of their charter rights and freedoms. This is absolutely wrong.”

The CIC nevertheless still hopes to soon open up a healthy dialogue with PMStephen Harper’s new cabinet — especially with the group it calls the”most feared five” — Stockwell Day (Public Safety), Peter MacKay (ForeignAffairs), Lawrence Cannon (Transport), Vic Toews (Justice) and MonteSolberg (Citizenship and Immigration).

Well! Off to a good start, I’d say!

For more information, contact Dr. Mohamed “Anyone over the age of 18 in Israel is a valid target” Elmasry.

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  1. Jake says:

    Healthy dialogue huh, does that mean just rocks and firebombs as opposed to grenades and car bombs?