Caption Contest Winners

The Thirty Days In The Hole Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


This one was delayed as my power (and subsequently internet) was knocked out for 12 hours yesterday night into this morning


(AFP/File/Jean-Loup Sense)


First: Hodink – “”I sure do miss Johnny Cash.””

Second: John BurgessMartin was too scary, even for Clown School.

Third: BitheadCover picture of the new Prison novel by the famous writer Ben Framed: “Fable of Con’s Tents.”


BitheadJoe Arpio’s jail camp was the scene, today, for reports of a jailbreak. Prisoner Jack Short, described as being a 35 year old male 3ft 4 in tall, balding, and claiming to be a psychic, escaped, today, without a trace. At last report — Small Medium At Large.

elliot – Lenny was in trouble, it was bean burrito day, and he was the last one going to the latrine

Jack W – Shock results of zebra/human cloning experiment revealed !! (I for one welcome our new zebra overlords — rodney)

DL – Ahab was always a maverick going his own way and never following the crowd.

Floyd – After the 2008 election it was decided to solve the mid-east crisis by sending thousands of referees to Iraq.

charles austinThe chic of Cell Block B.


“Mmmm…. Minty fresh!”

Hmmm… Dis Pismo beach?

Maybe I should’ve taken a left at Albuquerque

“I shoulda expected the Spanish Inquisition.”

The hillary-clinton-senate-return-photoThursday Contest came back sooner than expected.

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