Caption Contest Winners

The We’re Going to Disney World Edition OTB CaptionContestTM is now over.


(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)


First: John425 – Pres. Obama: “C’mon girls. Wal-Mart ain’t open 24×7!”

Second: Doug Mataconis – Obama: “I wonder how the girls will feel when I tell them I just authorized the assassination of Justin Beiber”

Third: Michael Hamm – Michelle, you are a fashion genius with you and the kids. I am therefore appointing you to be our new fashion Czar.


Jim Recznik – And you thought the economy was tight!

idiot – Who dresses these people???

Roger McGaugh – “Damn girl, that looks worse than the national debt.”

Maggie Mama – Just what Obama doesn’t need now … media talk of a fashion “disaster”.

Mr. Prosser – Tourists, the single-most embarassing export of the United States.

G.A.Phillips – Bare ankles!?!?! alalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry about the AirForce One reference, I meant nothing could make your butt look fatter… I mean (dammit where’s the TOTUS when I need it).

Hey, This oil thing has me thinking… How ’bout we try a junk shot tonight?

The Monday Contest is headed to Nineveh.

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  1. G.A.Phillips says:

    thanks for the HM bro, but whats up with the hieroglyphics on the toolbar? lol…….