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The Looking For Mr. Goodbar Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Looking For Mr. Goodbar Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



First: John BurgessAspirants to the title of Emperor audition around the world.

Second: charles austinPhase two of the underpants gnome theory begins.

Third: John425 – Voters line up to take it in the shorts.


FormerHostage – It’s SHRINKAGE!!!

JazzShawNew Yorkers find interesting ways to cut back on expenses after latest tax hikes.

Noah Pology – Living in constant fear of being the last person to spot the latest fashion trend, New York hipsters may have reacted hastily to the rumor that the bottom was about to fall out of the market.

JKB – With privacy all but gone, New Yorkers air there dirty laundry in public

G.A.Phillips – Bunch of ass Clowns?

Maggie Mama – Something tells me they never saw the program “What Not To Wear”. (…and then Stacy and Clinton’s heads explode – rodney)


When pants are outlawed, only outlaws will wear pants.

If you want to make your pants last…. make your jacket first.


Well thats the long and the short of it.

The Monday Contest has five easy fleeces.

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for second Rodney.

  2. John Burgess says:

    My first first! Gracias!