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Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar (MEXICO)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

The Winners of Last Thursday’s Contests will be delayed as I am switching over systems

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Bithead says:

    And remember… save fuel…. Share the ride.

  2. Bithead says:

    With today’s more aggressive driver, the police are forced to do more to attract attention to themselves.

  3. Adjustah says:

    “George! George! I think they want us to pull over!”

  4. Bithead says:

    “Aw, Jerry….You should have gone before we left!!”

  5. Gollum says:

    Mexico City cops taunt Presidente Fox with their climactic act, the “Pyramid of Corruption.”

  6. Gollum says:

    Holy frijoles, Roberto! I guess we know what YOU had for dinner last night.

  7. Gollum says:

    Antonio ended up in the middle that day as punishment for not showing up with enough pieces of “flair.”

    /obscure Office Space reference

  8. Hodink says:

    Los Angeles implements a new anti-terrorist tactic.

  9. Mark says:

    You guys should have heard the crap Mel Gibson said to us when we pulled him over!

  10. Gaijin Biker says:

    In this internal training video, Hezbollah fighter Ahmed al-Rashid (bottom row, third from left) demonstrates the proper use of human shields.

  11. Gaijin Biker says:

    This sort of reckless behavior sets a bad example for young kids interested in motorcycles. Those men should be wearing helmets.

  12. SgtFluffy says:

    The Illegal Immigrants are becoming very creative in the efforts to cross the border

  13. DaveD says:

    There was some concern that the police response to petty crimes depicted on the show “Cops” was becoming a bit excessive.

  14. Gaijin Biker says:

    Most TV critics agree that CHiPs jumped the shark in season 4, with the addition of Ponch’s ten long-lost brothers.

  15. McGehee says:

    Adapting the “rolling roadblock” technique for the day when flying cars become a reality.

  16. The motorcycle cops garnered crowd applause with their freestyle rendition of YMCA.

  17. A spokesman for the Mexico City police force angrily denied charges that the police force was “nothing more than a bunch of trained monkeys in service to the drug lords”.

  18. The concept came to me one night after I had swallowed my third worm.

  19. Peyote, its not just for breakfast anymore.

  20. The Hells Angels just hung their heads in shame and left town after seeing what they were up against.

  21. Hey Carlos, where’s the top guy Juan?

    I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since the last overpass.

  22. Taking advice from top democratic political operatives, the Mexican police attempt to fight crime by re-framing traditional concepts of law enforcement.

  23. Pshaw. You call that coordinated? Then how come one has his lights on and the other three have them off?

  24. Anonymous sources in the police department claimed that it was the US invasion of Iraq and support for Israel that had driven the police to do this.

  25. Amother job Americans won’t do.

  26. Livin’ la vida loca.

  27. In a fit of rage after seeing this picture, Senator Chuck Schumer immediately demanded $350,000,000 in additional Homeland Security funding to reduce the police acrobat team gap New York City has with Mexico City.

  28. Ted Shelton says:

    “Your Tax Dollars at Work.”

  29. Bithead says:

    * You buttered WHAT?

    * Somehow, the demonstration on ‘Safe Motorcycling” got out of control.

    * Not a damned one of them with a helmet!

    * The revelation convinced many of the existance of the Trilateral commission.

    * No, guys… I meant the Cereal….

    * … but by then, the crooks were onto their tricks….

  30. Bowling for Columbians.

  31. Good Lord, not another subjectively judged Olympic sport.

  32. The X-Games: Tenochtitlán!

  33. Scott_T says:

    1) Brought to you by OCC, Occula-Chihuahua Choppers, when you just have to carry 12 people on 4 choppers.

    2) Pepe on the bottom, “Look Ma, no Hands!”

    3) The new catchphrase amongst the criminal elements in Technochilian when refering to the Police. Clowns.

    4) Pepe again, must resist urge to do a wheelie.

  34. Bill says:

    No! More cops tortured by Mel Gibson’s anti-semitism!

  35. LorgSkyegon says:

    While Scottish firefighters may have problems with gay pride parades, the Malaysian police department does not.

  36. Scott_T says:

    Willie (4rd Lvl, 1st from the left) to Joe (2nd level, 2nd from the left) “STOP WIGGLING YOUR ASS YOU ASS!”

  37. …it’s fun to stay at the ymcA…

  38. Gaijin Biker says:

    After numerous failed attempts, Dr. Tobias Fünke finally convinces the members of a tough Mexican biker gang to share his love of Broadway musicals.

  39. Gaijin Biker says:

    Rodney, my umlaut didn’t display correctly in my previous comment even though it showed up okay in the preview screen. It should read:

    After numerous failed attempts, Dr. Tobias Fünke finally convinces the members of a tough Mexican biker gang to share his love of Broadway musicals.

  40. Somewhere, Moctezuma is rolling is his grave.

  41. If you zoom in far enough you can read their buttons which say, “Vote for Pedro.”

  42. The masters of their domain.

  43. OJ’s search for the real killer takes another unexpected turn.

  44. Rachel Edith says:

    I fighta crime.
    I fighta crime.
    I make you laugh until you stop.
    I fighta crime.
    I fighta crime.
    Hombre, I’m a feliz cop.*

    *music of La Cucaracha

  45. Me thinks the police have just a wee bit too much time on their hands.

  46. The US government accused the Mexican government of deliberately staging the event that distracted the US border patrol and let the 5,000 illegal aliens cross the border.

  47. Yo Pedro. Does this make me look gay?

  48. Tragedy followed when ‘Jackass’ met ‘Cops’.

  49. While CSI: Mexico definitely had more entertainment value than the other CSI clones, somehow it just didn’t come across as believable.

  50. You know, I could suspend disbelief for the new Pink Panther movie right up to the point the motorcycle cops rode to the rescue.

  51. Mexican police reacted to the showing of “An inconvenient truth” by reducing their fuels consumption by 2/3.

  52. Please tell me that was an engine back fire and not you Juan.

  53. McCain says:

    Sales of the Cops Gone Wild video series were inexplicably below the marketing department’s expectations.

  54. McCain says:


  55. McCain says:

    Sales of the Cops Gone Wild video series inexplicably underperformed the marketing department’s rosy expectations.

  56. Gaijin Biker says:

    The Mexican police force struggles to cope with cutbacks in its patrol vehicle budget.

  57. If I have seen farther than others it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants other Mexican policeman.

  58. Big Whoop! Now Make A Inverted Scalene Triangle.

  59. “What? No Kazoos?”

  60. County Song-“Stand On Your Man”

  61. Country Song- “Stand On Your Man”

    ( Guess Who Didn’t Do A Cheque De En-canto )

  62. McCain says:

    Sales of the Cops Gone Wild video seriously underperformed the marketing department’s rosy expectations.

  63. Hermoine says:

    “I be warning you, Juan. Your hand is too close to my amigo.”