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  1. LJD says:

    IS that a pledge pin… On your uniform?

  2. Maggie says:

    The Chinese Drill instructor seems oblivious to one small oversight after ordering his platoon to “Align the Squad.”

  3. Maggie says:

    I should have added in parentheses after my comment (yes, pun also intended.)

  4. Gollum says:

    And yet, somehow, they still manage to look more dignified than the French Army.

  5. SgtFluffy says:

    Hey look…a penny.

  6. Gollum says:

    The 4th Mounted Clown Division shows off its irrepressible sense of humor.

  7. Lindy R. Dole says:

    Chiang Kai-Shemp never did catch on to what Rarry and Moe were up to.

  8. Mister Biggs says:

    “Don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart….”

    “Is that a Jelly Donut?”

  9. FreakyBoy says:

    “Moo Moo Moo Moo Oink Hat, Moo Moo Oink Oink Sideways, Oink Moo Moo Oink Army, Moo Oink Funny.”

    – How Rosie’s description of this picture on the View sounded to the Chinese.

  10. McGehee says:

    Much to the sergeant’s dismay, the platoon he’s trained so well — and which had passed every other test with unprecedented scores — flunked out because he skipped one lousy page in the uniform manual.

  11. McGehee says:

    “Congratulations, men — you’ve all been accepted to field artillery as live-exercise targets.”

  12. McGehee says:

    Lt. Cho knew he shouldn’t have let the troops see the movie Stripes the night before the big inspection.

  13. McGehee says:

    “Rooks rike a waldlobe marfunction.”

  14. I just don’t understand it. Our mercenaries are just as good as the US mercenaries in Iraq. But nobody wants to hire them.

  15. I guess it was a mistake not putting every detail about wearing the uniform into the manual.

  16. snicker, snicker. Think he will notice?

  17. After years of study, the Chinese military high command has determined that the reason human wave attacks failed to carry the day was because they were not accompanied by a diversion. So now our elite commandos will show you how they will distract the enemy while you charge.

  18. Of course we need these new fighter jets. What if we had a war with the Chinese … never mind, we’ll fly the cesnas, but we want plenty of stones for the sling shots.

  19. Maniakes says:

    Soldier, what’s this? In the uniform manual it clearly states that the belt goes under the jacket. Everyone else got their uniforms right; why couldn’t you?

  20. Randall says:

    Sargent in Chinese Army fired as military angrily denies tradition of checking the ‘fitness’ of soldiers whose caps land sideways after being thrown in the air.

  21. Scott_T says:

    1) So just how did those 2 do it, landing their hats on their sides? It’s like one in a million like landing a quarter on it’s side, right?

    2) Another annoying trick taught by the sergeants in the North Korean army to earn an extra food ration.

    3) I hate to be cruel, but hey every American is, but dude those guys are short! Look how far it is from their waist to their shoulders. Is this the Chinesse midget army?

    4) This hat position thing is like a signal for sexual preferances like the hanky in the pocket thing and gays, right? Upright hat means (censored), inverted hat means (censored again), …..

  22. Phil Smith says:

    “It’s bottom of the ninth, we’re down by two, and the tying run is on deck. RALLY CAPS!!!”

  23. McGehee says:

    Lt. Cho knew he shouldn’t have let the troops watch “MASH” the night before the big inspection — especially not an episode about Klinger.

  24. McQ says:

    Sgt Cho and Sgt Chang engage in a traditional Chinese goosing contest.

  25. This ilustrates the dangers of standing out in the Sun Tzu long.

  26. China counters Texas A&M with the 12,000,000th man.

  27. Sgt. Hurka had trouble extracting his big toe from Pfc Wang’s backside.

  28. The boxers rebellion was brief.

  29. The unit’s ruse to distract the sargeant from noticing the entire unit’s lack of pants by goofing with their hats worked for a surprisingly long time.

  30. Sgt. Wu had a reputation as a weapon of ass destruction.

  31. Censors refused to allow any picture showing that Chinese soldiers had as much trouble putting on the pants as they did putting on their hats.

  32. Pfc Wang’s dyslexia become clear when his attempt to honor China’s great leader by painting an “M” on his left cheek, an “A” on his right cheek and bending over received a less enthusiastic reception than he had originally hoped for.

  33. Cowboy Blob says:

    “The lain in Spain fall mainry in the prain,”…heard at the world’s toughest charm school.

  34. Lionel says:

    Chinese soldiers learn a new game called “Simon says”.

  35. Lionel says:

    On the first day of basic training in the Chinese military, is how to walk like a proper lady!

  36. elliot says:

    Private Chang, is there a ‘Made in China” tattoo on your butt?

  37. McGehee says:

    The launch of Red China’s new hockey team was delayed while organizers work out the correct meaning of “hat trick.”

  38. McGehee says:

    “Dinner will be late unless one of you magicians produces that stolen rabbit!”

  39. Wyatt Earp says:

    The first ever Chinese hockey team never really grasped the true meaning of “Hat Trick.”

  40. Wyatt Earp says:

    Crud. I missed McGehee’s comment right above. Sorry! How about . . .

    “Andrew Dice Clay was right. Even his butt crack is slanted.”

  41. The Chinese Army’s Hockey Team still couldn’t quite figure out why a hat tlick was so special. (Well, these things do come in threes, don’t ya know.)

  42. McGehee says:

    Wow, I was faster on the draw than the legendary Wyatt Earp. Now every two-bit punslinger will be after me.

    I am so screwed.

  43. elliot says:

    Soldier, why are you wearing red ruby slippers? Hey wait their MINE!!!

  44. McGehee says:

    “Thele’s no prace rike home… Thele’s no prace rike home… Thele’s no prace rike home…”

  45. Hodink says:

    “Here. We’ll plug that offensive hiney once and for all.”