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Time for Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. dennis says:

    I don’t think this is going to work Nancy…

  2. Dantheman says:

    The next question on the Republican Youtube Debate is on the subject of evolution.

  3. Paul Barnes says:

    The Second Coming of Zombie Jesus in 2237.

  4. markm says:

    John Kerry and his entourage, donned in full cammo, escape the marsh after a long duck hunt.

  5. B. Minich says:

    “Hey, Bob, where do we go to find that ‘Voyage of the Damned’ cruise?

  6. Hodink says:

    “Back from the dead. FDR, Eleanor and Lucy Mercer gather. In his speech, FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is providing guns to Bush and Cheney.”

  7. William d'Inger says:

    The stem cell experiments didn’t go the way Michael J. Fox had hoped.

  8. r says:

    [Obama, Hillary, and Edwards in disguise]:

    “Ok, NOW we’ll debate on Fox news.”

    That’s my caption…

  9. William d'Inger says:

    Elderly liberals recycle their anti-nuclear costumes for the global warming crisis.

  10. Gollum says:

    Short on cash, DreamWorks merges with Lux Digital Pictures and releases their first title: Night of the Living Dead Chicken Run.

  11. Gollum says:

    Naturally, it was a killer.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  12. Gollum says:

    Critics however panned the dialogue as “lifeless.”

    (ok I’ll stop now)

  13. John Burgess says:

    The reason why the Republicans were loath to take part in the YouTube debates.

  14. Larry’s final pitch to Allstate was, “So easy, even a fur-covered monster can do it.”

  15. “Ver do you keep zee nukular wessels?”

  16. I, for one, welcome our new yeti zombie overlords.

  17. William d'Inger says:

    Greenpeace offers proof that genetically engineered maize runs amok in Iowa.

  18. William d'Inger says:

    Chelsea’s siblings that Bill and Hillary successfully hid from the MSM.

  19. rodney dill says:

    Hillary: “See there’s nothing wrong with coming to Iowa for a Cowtipping competition.”
    Obama: “There’s no MSM here, at least we won’t get our pictures taken like Dukakis in that tank helmet.” (FLASH) “Damn”
    Edwards: “So how much is it anyway, like 15 percent?”

  20. William d'Inger says:

    Having lost their bid for a casino license, the Oglala Lakota resurrect the Ghost Dance.

  21. Anderson says:

    [I’ll try the YouTube bit again:]

    The Democratic YouTube debate did not, however, include the segment asking the candidates whether they thought cannibalism was a matter for federal regulation, or one better left to the states.

  22. Bithead says:

    * Radioactive Zombie Porn Stars – On the next Geraldo!

    * Startrek 32: The search for the Vedians. Kirk Spock and McCoy, deal with the Phage.

    * They’re not undead, they’re life impared.

    * … But I did stay at a Holiday Inn, last night!

    * OLD BUREAUCRATS never die, they just waste away

    * * Luckily for me, monsters don’t think clearly when they’re hungry – Calvin

  23. Maniakes says:

    Chicken? Nobody calls me chicken.

  24. That’s so Paraguay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  25. No chickens were harmed to make these costumes. Well, ok, a few were. Alright, three-thousand.

  26. Why did the men dressed in chicken feathers cross the road?

  27. Tonight on Fox: When Pillow Factory Zombies Attack!

  28. Zombie Larry, Darryl and Darryl think they are chickens. They’re basically harmless, and goodness knows, we can use the eggs.

  29. rodney dill says:

    Why did the men dressed in chicken feathers cross the road?
    Road Crossing polled better

  30. “We’re looking for Henery Hawk.”

  31. Why did the men dressed in chicken feathers cross the road?

    Road Crossing polled better.

    “That’s a joke… I say, that’s a joke, son”.

  32. “We heard that Greenpeace rallies are a great place to pick up chicks.”

  33. rodney dill says:

    Harry Reid: “I knew these costumes weren’t quite right Nancy, San Francisco Solano is the patron saint of the indigenous people, not the indignant people.”

  34. Triumph says:

    Just a bunch of stupid liberals.

  35. DL says:

    I see bow season has opened again dear!

  36. DL says:

    The dems were seeking another new image to show they’re prepared to defend the country if need be -this is their rough draft image.

  37. The deleterious effects of climate change on the chickens of Patagonia were profound.

  38. Michael says:

    For safety reasons, Dick Cheney’s hunting companions now dress like animals to avoid being accidentally shot.

  39. Michael says:

    “Survivor” finally becomes entertaining (and literal) thanks to their new sponsors: the NRA.

  40. Scott_T says:

    1) The one nominee that the Democrats in the Senate wouldn’t fillibuster when nominated to the Supreme Court, confident that Vice President Cheney would “take care of” any problems.

    2) Boy the Democratic “Get out the Vote!” campaign at Lake Okaychokeme really worked. (You might have to go to Florida to get that one) 😀

    3) How the Simpon’s Movie earned 70 million dollars over the weekend, even the undead came out to see it.

  41. floyd says:

    DON’T CALL US ‘CHICKEN PLUCKERS!! We’re ” “Ornithological Deplumers”

  42. And some illegals are more alien than others…

  43. floyd says:

    The new third party has only three “full-fledged” candidates, but they still could only raise enough money for two masks! It looks like it’s gonna be a long election cycle!

  44. floyd says:

    We didn’t git much sleep,but we had a lot o’fun!

  45. floyd says:

    SO!! THIS is what they do to you when ask for FLYING LESSONS with no the landing test??!!

  46. floyd says:

    Get down, get down, get down tonight!!

  47. floyd says:

    One more Pluck-up like this and the colonel will fire us!

  48. floyd says:

    Next time I say Duck Down! I mean you should Duck down!

  49. floyd says:

    You guys look more like endangered feces than endangered species, Now go change! The P.E.T.A. demonstration starts in 30 minutes!

  50. floyd says:

    Now here’s three owls that would be “spotted” in any forest!

  51. Gollum says:

    “Actually, we’re supposed to be mushrooms.”
    – – pause – –
    (Bandana, right) “Don’t ask.”

  52. G.A.Phillips says:

    PooKaka!!! me tell you about taking old rope bridge to witchdoctor social, thank Inkookti’s
    lucky Chicken foot Devil fish went for you goats and only eat our faces…..

  53. Hermoine says:

    Seen recently. And we must say, global warming has done nothing for Osama bin Laden and his thugs.

  54. Bithead says:

    * Bend over! Let me see you shake your tale feathers!!!!

    * I wonder if the birds are ticklish, too?

    * I’d say their fathers are ruffled…

    *Herold a is that most dangerous of animals, a clever sheep.

    * Al Gore’s movie of Doctor Seuss’s “The Lorax” didn’t do so well.

  55. mannning says:

    Tarred, feathered, and plastic surgery too! That should do it! Liberals run out of town.

  56. Tomorrow
    Is a busy day
    We got things to do
    We got eggs to lay
    We got ground to dig
    And worms to scratch
    It takes a lot of settin’
    Gettin’ chicks to hatch

    There ain’t nobody here but us chickens
    There ain’t nobody here at all
    So quiet yourself,
    And stop your fuss
    There ain’t nobody here but us
    Kindly point that gun,
    The other way
    And hobble, hobble hobble of and
    Hit the hay

  57. Anjin-San says:

    The Iraqi government leaves for vacation, slipping out of town in disguise…

    (Actually not really funny, as our guys are dying in the 130 degree heat to “give the Iraqi government the time it needs”)

  58. spacemonkey says:

    A sighting of the rare but ferocious species, RonPaulus Supportis Supportis and aren’t they a plucky trio?

  59. Alan Kellogg says:

    1. “Oh what a beautiful morning!”

    2. “Three little ghouls from school are we.”

    3. “Fellas, do you think that hospital in Boston can do a whole face transplant for me?”

    4. “We just had to merge with nature right where a bunch of pronghorn died.”

  60. Kenny says:



  61. Ingress says:

    Britney, Lohan and Gore III partying before rehab.

  62. Are you ready for some Football?

  63. John425 says:

    Earmarks? Earmarks yummy– taste-um Goooood!

  64. Anon says:

    George W. Bush and Jeb Bush in retirement, after digging up the corpse of Terri Schiavo. “She’s alive I tell you, alive! ‘Ma-ma! Ma-ma!’ Do you hear her?!”

  65. elliot says:

    Okay, now we can sneak into the Republican camp….Uh Oh, there’s Cheney.

    Not to worry, duck season opens today.

  66. Su Berton says:

    Did you say that was Hillary Clinton!
    Now that’s a cleavage!

  67. Su Berton says:

    I’m really into feathers myself.
    I don’t know I kind’a like Hillary’s jacket.
    I prefer the cleavage.

  68. Su Berton says:

    Bill: Do you think Hillary will notice me under all these feathers.
    Answer: She’s too busy worrying about Obama.

  69. Rachel Edith says:

    McCain’s Straight Talk Express finds eager listeners.