Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM


(AP Photo/U.S. Army, Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Mcdaniel)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. elliot says:

    Look Ma, no hands.

  2. elliot says:

    So, Mr Craig. I don’t mind teaching you lessons, but this is not what I had in mind.

  3. markm says:

    In another first, former President George H.W. Bush on a tandem jump receives a mid-air refueling.

  4. Dantheman says:

    Flap harder, Icarus!

  5. Rachel Edith says:

    Bush 41 – “I’m gonna find those WMDs.”

  6. Bithead says:

    * Skydivers go down faster

    * Skydivers: Good to the last drop

    * Don’t you guys think you’re taking security to the extreme?

    * Oops!

  7. Jim says:

    With charming flair, dignity, and grace, former Presidents Carter and Bush announce that they are coming out of the closet, acknowledging their forty year relationship.

  8. Dennis says:

    Seconds later, The Senior Bush’s Cheeks deployed and he landed safely.

  9. Lindy R. Dole says:

    Where will you be when your laxative kicks in.

  10. Dave Schuler says:

    Pull over. I’m citing you for following too closely.

  11. G.A.Phillips says:

    is that a liberal in your pocket or are just happy to to fly with me…..

  12. G.A.Phillips says:

    I pull your ripcord if you pull mine first…..

  13. hln says:

    Are we going to have time for the “M,” the “C”, and the “A”?


  14. DaveD says:

    I don’t think it’s very tasteful for Rodney Dill to base a caption contest on doctored photos from a South Korean scientist’s bogus human cloning experiment!

  15. peterh says:

    Gawd….it’s great to finally get into the mile high club….

  16. Wyatt Earp says:

    “Read my lips: brr, brr, brr, brr, brr,”

  17. John425 says:

    Skydiver in foreground: “No, I didn’t pack the parachute, I thought you were going to do it.”

    Rear Skydiver: “No- I thought you were carrying it.”

  18. John425 says:

    Skydiver Bill to Hillary: “Nice of Obama to lend us his skydiving gear, but when is the parachute supposed to open?”

  19. rodney dill says:

    George: “That better be a cigar Bill.”

  20. John425 says:

    The two man Iranian National Bob Sled Team in practice over Teheran.

  21. Scott_T says:

    1) This was not the Golden Parachute Bush Sr. had expected when he left office.

    2) Remember its not the ground that kills you, it’s the sudden deceleration.

    2a) If Bush Sr’s chute did fail he would, unfortunately die. But if the same thing happened to Hillary!, she’d just bounce because of all the Botox she’s been injected with.

    3) Funny, when Bill Clinton says to a partner “Lets jump out of a plane in tandem”, it has a totally different meaning.

    4) Dubya in the Oval Office looking at his mail and thinking, “Dad’s Secret Service detail gets all the fun.”

    5) Any Republican Ex-Presidents better get all of these whims out of their system before any plane-mounted lasers need testing when their’s a Democrat in office.

  22. Scott_T says:

    Heh, that’s good I didn’t put the link in their for Olde Bill, so do I get a commission from any hit on that link from James?

    That should be your next contest, generate the most links in the fewest words, and have it make sense.


  23. elliot says:

    Shoot, I forgot the chute.