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REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. markm says:

    Pirates off the coast of Somalia get on board with the Ron Paul Revolution.

  2. Bithead says:

    * Best I can figure, we’re either over Mogadishu, or Detroit.

  3. You Best Call A Plumber Because this Floater’s Not Going Down Without A Fight.

  4. Michael says:

    “Oh the humanity!”

    My wife saw one of these over central Florida a few weeks ago. Who knew Ron Paul had his own air force.

  5. Alex Knapp says:

    “Hey, what flag is that down there?”
    “That’s the new flag of South Carolina, sir.”
    “Oh. I liked the old one better.”

  6. The Definition For Helium and Ron Paul are Similar
    (A Non Reactive, Inert, Noble Gas.)

  7. Lindy R. Dole says:

    The Looming Bunion

  8. “Now We Know Why Ron Paul Wanted To Repeal The Gas Tax.”

  9. ” This Is What $500,000 Dollars Will Buy You.”
    ( A Bag Of Gas With A Note Attached )

  10. Anderson says:

    Ron Paul denied knowing whose hot air was bearing his name.

  11. floyd says:

    OH!!… The HUMANITY!!!!!

  12. floyd says:

    Ron Paul publicizes plans for “new” U.S. military when elected.

  13. Today A “Revolution” Tomorrow A “Yellow Submarine”
    (Get Your “Ticket To Ride.”)

  14. floyd says:

    No wonder he talks funny…. It’s the Helium!

  15. floyd says:

    Ron Paul promises “lighter than air” burden of government.

  16. Hodink says:

    Never trust a lofty politician with two first names.

  17. Wyatt Earp says:

    (Over loudspeaker) “We are blimp. Your assets will be assimilated. Resistance to Ron Paul is futile.”

  18. Sam says:

    In the higher resolution picture you can actually see Paul filling the balloon by giving a speech.

  19. Bithead says:

    The perfect symbol for Ron Paul.
    No substance, full of hot air, gets blown around by every wind that comes along, thinks he’s above everyone else.

  20. yetanotherjohn says:

    The harbinger of the revolution has a very wide turning radius.

    I predict Ron’s campaign will go over like a lead zeppelin – Keith Moon

    Just like that liberal Ron Paul to use campaigning techniques not endorsed by the founding fathers.

    The truth behind why Ron Paul doesn’t insist on his donations being in gold … the zeppelin can’t lift the extra weight.

    The Ron Paul zeppelin flies unhindered … if you’re not tacking flak, you aren’t over the target.

    Of course after the election, he gets to keep the zeppelins.

    So Hillary is spewing green house gases from her private campaign jet and Ron is taking a low carbon foot print with the zeppelin.

    Yes Ron, I’m sure it is cheaper, and I agree that other countries would find the US a lot less frightening with this as our primary armament, but I really think the B-2 is a better bomber.

  21. rodney dill says:

    It’s probably appropriate that the aircraft of choice to represent Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign is the Warthog.

  22. Michael beat me to it.

  23. independent says:

    The tower has informed me that the revolution will be delayed. They are working to get us in as soon as possible. Thank you.

  24. John425 says:

    Hindenburg II

  25. John425 says:

    Oh, LOOK! It’s the Mother ship! The Mother ship is coming to take us home to Ixglamadu!

  26. DMan says:

    The Ron Paul Revolution: So obnoxious that it is even trying to outshine the Hindenburg’s notoriety for going down in flames.

  27. Scott_T says:

    1) The photo’s obviously been photoshopped and the blimp turned 90 degrees, from straight down to horizontal..

    2) Heh, this proves where Ron Paul’s tactics in getting elected will fail. Where do you see blimps? NASCAR races and the beach. We all know who NASCAR fans shall vote for, and do you think the beach-goers are going to spend their time to vote instead of getting high?

  28. floyd says:

    Micheal beat me to it too! I didn’t see it at first.Mea culpa!

  29. G.A.Phillips says:

    Methane from bat shit powered?

  30. Gollum says:

    Of course we all know that weird backwards “E” is to avoid including “evolution” in his platform.

  31. Dodd says:

    At least the Hindenberg managed to cross an ocean before it crashed and burned.

  32. Bithead says:

    The replacement of the death star was missing some qualities of the original.

  33. Bithead says:

    Ceti sees it too, but they’re as confused as we are. And here’s the thing; It’s slowing down….

  34. peterh says:

    Yes….children of the kool-aid…..its an ill-wind that blows today…..

  35. Bithead says:

    * Release the attack woodpeckers!

    * “Okay, so hydrogen was a bad choice– ” — Hindenberg…. “Hey, I’ve got an idea… let’s run our cars on Hydrogen!!!” -Ron Paul

    * Oh, my God… they’re TURKEYS!!!!! -Les Nessman

    * Wow! Are those Tie Fighters?


  36. elliot says:

    Look, there’s that Good Year blimp. Get ready for attack! If I don’t win this election, we can always cover sports events.

  37. Timmer says:

    Too late, Rodney realized the concept art for his garage band’s album cover was too obscure.

  38. Cowboy Blob says:

    It is Balloon!


  39. John425 says:

    With apologies to the Beatles:

    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
    all right, all right…

  40. Dennis says:

    As God as my witness…I thought Turkeys could fly.

  41. My bad, I thought it said “RuPaul Revolution.” well, to be fair, that makes more sense.

  42. The State of Carolina black flags Ron Paul and orders him out of the race.

  43. Float like a butterfly, sting like a …, um …, a stingy thing.

  44. Pirates of the Carribean 4: The Curse of the Interminable 2008 Presidential Election

  45. McCain says:

    The Pirates of the Amphibian was always Ron Paul’s favorite ride.

  46. Now We Know How Ron Paul’s Getting The Nitrous Oxide Into His Rallies.

  47. A 21th Century Political Campaign Ran With 19th Century Technology.

  48. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  49. All Dr. Evil wanted was a blimp with “lasers” attached and for Number 2 to spell his name correctly. Alas, he could get neither.

  50. Ron Paul’s campaign has broken free from its moorings in South Carolina.

  51. Gordon says:

    Can we secede again just until these candidates leave the state?