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Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM


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Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. markm says:

    “Obama took Texas AND OHIO!?!?!?!?!…the race is JUST BEGINNING!!!”

    “AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH….there’s a snake….on the plane….”

  2. Maggie says:

    “Bill said WHAAAAAT ? ? ! ! !”

  3. FormerHostage says:

    Home Alone 4: The Day After The Election

  4. FormerHostage says:

    Hillary’s recurring nightmare: flying in coach!

  5. Elmo says:

    Helloooo … anybody there?

    No … just us Obama voters.

  6. Elmo says:

    Yodelling in the canyon? (I’ll pass … Thanks for the offer though).

  7. elliot says:

    So’s your mother Obama…oop’s are we still on camera..?

  8. Elmo says:

    Hillary channels her inner Andrea McArdle …

    The sun’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun!

    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

  9. elliot says:

    Conductor, how long does it take to get a double martini in this place?

  10. elliot says:

    Bill, did you just say ‘stewardess’ and mile high wings’ in the same sentence?

  11. Elmo says:

    OK now … everybody form a circle:

    You put your right foot in,
    You put your right foot out;
    You put your right foot in,
    And you shake it all about.
    You do the Hokey-Pokey,
    And you turn yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Put your left foot in,
    Your left foot out,
    Your left foot in,
    And shake it all about.
    You do the hokey pokey
    And turn yourself around.

    Now put your tongue in,
    And your tongue out,
    Tongue in,
    And Blblblblbl!

  12. Jay Wills says:

    Hillary! gets her first viewing of “Bilbo Does Dallas,” an underground cult favorite.

  13. Gollum says:

    Lohan’s re-creation of the “Last Sitting” was wildly popular; Hillary’s re-rendition of Munch’s “Die Schrie” – – not so much.

  14. Triumph says:

    Just another damn liberal.

  15. Kenny says:

    “Put your tray tables and votes into their original and upright positions …”

    “We’re going down! And remember! Your rain slicker doubles as a flotation device.”

    “An election? That’s where a whole bunch of people come together and vote for a person or thing, but that’s not important right now.”

  16. G.APhillips says:

    Stupid liberals on a plane.

  17. floyd says:


  18. Roger says:

    “Where’s my secretary….Billlllll!”

  19. Elmo says:

    Gimme an H
    Gimme an I
    Gimme an L
    Give me another L
    Gimme an A
    Gimme an R
    Gimme a Y

    What does it spell?

    L O S E R

  20. Elmo says:

    You want to hear my Jim Morrison impression?

    Sure … no problem

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    Ill never look into your eyes…again

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

  21. John Burgess says:

    Hillary: Oh, no! I’m going to be home alone again!

  22. Elmo says:

    I got your super delegates right here! (grabs crotch)

    And the horse you rode in on Obama!

  23. markm says:

    “AAAAAannnnd here ladies and gentlemen is what you get when you shave the silver fox into a runway and get out of your campaign limousine in a Brittney-esque manner”

  24. markm says:

    “now check this one out…HEY BARACK, YOUR MOMMA IS SOOO FAT that when she goes to a restaurant she gets and estimate”

  25. Snake on a plane.

  26. Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., talks about the decor in the rear of her campaign plane…

    “Can you hear me now?”

  27. John425 says:

    Teacher! Teacher! Not Fair! Obama’s sitting in the FRONT of the bus!. He’s supposed to sit in the back of the bus!!

  28. markm says:

    “..yeah, I get asked all the time by casual bystanders if Barack is really a black man. In fact, after the last debate we were both standing at a urinal and he was about to zip up and I yelled “HEY, B-MO, DON’T FORGET TO COIL THAT THANG UP LEST IT WILL GET TANGLED IN YOUR ZIPPER”…that’s what I said”

  29. Dave Schuler says:

    The Scream (21st century edition)

  30. Roger says:

    Hillary sings her Super Tuesday 2 song. To the tune of “Eyes of Texas.”

    Hillary’s eyes are upon you,
    On Super Tuesday.
    Hillary’s eyes are upon you,
    Votes better go her way.
    Do not think you can escape them,
    Voters in Ohio and Texas.
    Hillary’s eyes are upon you,
    You don’t want to get her mad!

  31. Bithead says:

    Obama, and MoveOn and Dean, Oh, My!
    Obama, and MoveOn and Dean, Oh, My!
    Obama, and MoveOn and Dean, Oh, My!
    Obama, and MoveOn and Dean, Oh, My!
    Obama, and MoveOn and Dean, Oh, My!

  32. John425 says:

    Crowd: “If there’s something strange
    In your neighborhood
    Who you gonna call?”

    Hillary: (Ghostbusters)

    “If there’s something weird
    And it don’t look good
    Who you gonna call?”

    Hillary: (Ghostbusters)

  33. Dodd says:


  34. Scott_T says:

    1) Suuuuueeeeee! (Hillary’s pig call immitation wasn’t going to win her any votes in Ohio.)

    2) Superdelegates on a plane.

    3) Bill, you’re in luck! The giant behind me does like gladiator movies.

  35. MikeM says:

    Hillary reacts to seeing a tape of her stint on Saturday Night Live.

  36. elliot says:

    Hillary reverting back to her Woodstock years…
    “Gimme an ‘F’….”

  37. John425 says:

    Hillary yodeling: “Ri-co-la!”

  38. Hodink says:

    “Negative Ads? Moi???”

  39. Willian d'Inger says:

    Listen up, Monica, no Lincoln bedroom sleepovers for you.

  40. elliot says:

    Watch it. Hillary has PMS.
    (Political Message Shouter)

  41. Hermoine says:

    Man in gray sweater – “Move along lady, we’re trying to take our picture here.”

  42. physics geek says:

    “I see dead people… oh wait, that’s just my campaign.”

  43. Scott_T says:

    Hillary: “Quick we need another minority, we don’t have enough Hispanics in frame!”

  44. OHIO!!!!!!

  45. Elmo says:

    And for my deaf friends:


  46. bugalugs says:

    BILL!!!! Put you pants back on! That’s not why it’s called the “cockpit”!

  47. John425 says:

    Hey, Obama! I just kicked your ass in Ohio! How do you like them apples?

    Hey, McCain! You and me-right?

  48. Timmer says:

    Not Leno…Ferguson! Because he’s funnier! He does THIS with his hands.

  49. Timmer says:

    No…seriously…I took Texas!

  50. Timmer says:

    Not the taco…the sirloin burger!

  51. Elmo says:

    Ollie-ollie ox in free!

  52. “Klaatu, barada, nikto.”(The Day the Earth Stood Still)

  53. “You Pulitzer Prize Dummy!”