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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM


(Photo and caption submitted by Jason Collier)

Winners will be announced Monday PM

Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. G.A.Phillips says:

    Hey now wait a minute, maybe their is something to this animal rights stuff………..

  2. G.A.Phillips says:

    All I heard was free and acorn, what do you mean I got to vote?

  3. Timmer says:

    Dis wherez we votez fer Sarah Palin? She makes a mean salmon cake.

  4. Bystander says:

    I’m really not crazy about the choices, but at least the herring has backbone.

  5. Bystander says:

    ‘O’ (otter) decides to throw in a herring to distract them from his agenda.

  6. Triumph says:

    Just another stupid liberal

  7. Rachel Edith says:

    “Hmmmmmmmm, end the civil War or promote the New 100 years War. Which should I do?”

  8. DMan says:

    According to exit polls, the major issues on the minds of voters: lunch, followed by the economy and the war in Iraq.

  9. Maggie Mama says:

    This election has resurrected FDR’s New Deal: Peggy Joseph believes Obama will fill her gas tank and pay her mortgage; and Sam the Sea Otter believes there’ll be a herring in every pot.

  10. tom p says:

    I told you there was votter fraud!

  11. Anderson says:

    I can has baleout too?

  12. Floyd says:

    Do’in what he otter!

  13. Floyd says:

    Confused Otter thinks….{Gee I smelled something fishy…
    but all I can SEE are these early ballots!?}

  14. Floyd says:

    Gee, Kucinich dropped out early… that leaves me with only one choice?!

  15. Floyd says:

    Let’s see… the Walrus promised ” A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach””….

  16. Michael says:

    2012 Polling:

    Which party do you support?
    1) Democratic
    2) Republican
    3) Other Otter

  17. Alex Knapp says:

    According to exit polling of otters, most believed that Shrimp’s opponent was not a Communist–just a red herring.

  18. John425 says:

    Weasel does whatever he can for ACORNS!

  19. Bithead says:

    * Even picture id’s didn’t help the vote fraud problem at Meerkat Manor. You know how it is; they all look the same.

  20. rodney dill says:

    In fact, Milton secretly desired some lamb with tabouli and hummus.

  21. elliot says:

    Sarah otter winked and cast her vote, saying that John McCain is a Mackeral …er… Maverick.

  22. John425 says:

    New PETA ad for Animal Rights at the Ballot Box!

  23. Bithead says:

    Today we are here to observe the Motor-Voter Sea Otter, who has developed a curious adaptation. He’s able to stuff ballot boxes for ACORN. Remarkable!

  24. 1. He really wanted oysters, but was afraid to throw away his vote on a third party.

    2. Shrimp was expected to do poorly in Orlando due to the large Jewish vote.

  25. elliot says:

    Shrimp? I wonder if that is Ross Perot.

  26. Cowboy Blob says:

    Wait… is a Red Herring a plot device, or a Republican?

  27. Elmo says:

    Something smells fishy …..

  28. Eneils Bailey says:

    Always wanted an otter or a ferret, don’t know what this pictured animal is.

    Hell, if my three dogs decided they could not get along with him, they could eat it.

  29. rodney dill says:

    Always wanted an otter or a ferret, don’t know what this pictured animal is.

    The link under the picture usually has the information as to what the picture is. In this case its and otter, but if you have a good ferret or weasel caption poetic license can always be applied.

  30. Elmo says:

    Legislation aimed at giving free fish to weasels, sails through both houses of Congress. And awaits signing by the head weasel, in January.